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Summer Adventures Like a Nutritionist

There’s nothing more exciting to me than getting ready for a new adventure. I love to travel, see new places, and dive into new cultures. And in order for me to have a blast while vacationing, it’s equally important to be prepared. When I say being prepared, I don’t mean having every ...Read More

We’re Positive: You Are Beautiful

Accepting ourselves as we are is a tall order for many. After all, if we are perfect the way we are, what else do we need to work on? For many of us, self-doubt, insecurities, and uncertainty permeate our days, making us question or wonder how we should act or be. And ...Read More

What’s Really Going On With Stevia?

On paper, stevia seems like a pretty amazing thing. First of all, it’s many times sweeter than sugar. Plus, it contains no calories. Finally, the natural plant extract has a remarkably long history of use in South America. And, for these reasons, it’s understandable that stevia has enjoyed a rapid rise in ...Read More

Common Fitness Advice You Should Avoid

Every day, you are bombarded with an absurd amount of health and fitness advice. And, frustratingly, most of it contradicts itself. One “expert” might tell you that this specific food will fix everything that ails you, while another insists that it’s the worst possible thing you could put in your body. So, ...Read More

Summer Hydration and Exercise Performance: Everything You Need To Know

Summer is upon us. Which is just fantastic. But that same glorious heat that frees humanity from winter and sends us flooding outside in droves can also create some problems. Especially for the athletes out there. After all, it can be incredibly tempting to move all of your workouts outside to soak ...Read More

Three Ways to Nourish the Mind

What do Lady Gaga and Prince Henry of Wales have in common? You might have thought, “not much,” but the two of them are front and center when it comes to bringing awareness to mental health. We are so used to being on autopilot that many times we are guilty of not ...Read More

What’s in My Bag? Summer Beauty Essentials

  Summer is around the corner! Whether you’re traveling or settling for a stay-cation, everyone is always eager to know the easiest way to pack your essential beauty items. I’m always torn on which ones to take, but after some time, I’ve narrowed down my list to these all-natural must-have items that ...Read More

Three Self-Care Nutrients for Men

Men and women, at times, appear to be from completely different planets. We differ not only in the way we communicate and how we address issues, but also in our anatomy and nutritional needs. For this article, I want to focus on the gents, and dive into some of the nutrients and ...Read More

Is It Better To Exercise On An Empty Stomach?

The issue of whether or not one should hit the gym before or after breakfast has been hotly debated for some time. Recently – thanks to the rise of intermittent fasting – the theory has surfaced that exercising on an empty stomach could help you burn more fat for fuel. Does this ...Read More

Slow and Steady: How to Be Idle

There’s a lot to be said for expediency and immediacy. After all, we live in a fast-paced world, where everything is viewed and consumed in a flash. And the result is often information overload. The inability to keep up can affect us in ways that are more wide-reaching than simply FOMO when it ...Read More