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Three of the Best Spring Veggies

  Spring is glorious for all sorts of reasons. First and foremost: winter is over. So “yay!” to that. But also, more specifically focused on fitness, the warmer season opens up a new realm of dietary possibilities. Whereas the colder months of winter tend to limit you to heavy soup, stews, and ...Read More

The Positive Side Of Stress

In general, stress is seen as a bad thing. And, really, when you look at the statistics, that makes a lot of sense. After all, stress-related ailments are the reported reason for 3 out of every 4 visits to the doctor, costing the U.S. nearly $300 billion every year in medical bills ...Read More

Berry Cauliflower Smoothie

Cauliflower has replaced so many things: rice, potatoes, pizza dough, and even bread. Never did I imagine it being added to a delicious fruit smoothie. That’s right. This popular trend has been going around the past month on various blogs and websites. People are loving cauliflower as an addition or substitution in ...Read More

I Did This: The Seven Day Detox Challenge

I love the sound of cracking open a new can of my favorite energy drink every morning. The popping noise creates the same anticipation others feel when the smell of coffee awakens their senses. The problem with my habit, though, is that everyone can hear that as well, which makes the attempt ...Read More

What Are The Benefits of Aquatic Exercise?

Water-based activities exist in lots of forms. Of course, there’s swimming. That one is obvious. But, people have also gotten a lot more creative than that when it comes to designing aquatic exercise routines. Everything from aerobics to yoga have been plucked from their usual classrooms and dunked in the pool. Even ...Read More

Supporting Your Fitness Goals with Nutrition

Working out is a great way to strengthen our bodies not only on the exterior but also from within. It provides a boost to the immune system and mood, along with supporting our bodies’ natural detox systems, and helping us have a restful night of sleep. Although most know about these benefits, ...Read More

DIY Charcoal Toothpaste

Natural toothpaste should be a must in every household. I made the switch a few years ago when I became a mother. I first did it for my little one, but then I decided to do it for myself as well. I definitely don’t miss the old stuff. Because I’m always experimenting with ...Read More

I Did This: Meditation for 7 Days

Don’t get me wrong — I’m  familiar with the concept of meditation. It’s something my colleagues hold in high regard, friends have practiced and taught over the years, and celebrities are frequently outspoken about. Yet, I never had the urge to try it. Years ago, I gave yoga a spin, and the emphasis ...Read More

Golden Milk Protein Shake

Turmeric milk, or, golden milk, has been quite popular the last couple of years. This is because of how beneficial it is for your health. People enjoy drinking golden milk because of its potential to help boost immunity and aid digestion. I drink a lot of protein shakes, especially for breakfast, and I ...Read More

How Hunger Works

Hunger is a pretty basic part of the human experience. And, as such, people tend to take the entire mechanism for granted – going through life with only a cursory understanding of how it works. But…who cares? Why does it matter how hunger works? Because hunger, logically, drives how much you eat ...Read More