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Managing Your Diet Through The Holidays

Thanksgiving has just passed but the holiday season in the U.S. is by no means over. There’s still a pretty long way to go. And, somewhat famously, this can be a difficult time for athletes, dieters, and fitness-minded individuals alike. Apart from the traditional foods – generally rich in fats and sugars ...Read More

5 Ways to Support Healthy Blood Glucose

Understanding the effects that glucose has on the body may just be the number one tool you need to help maintain healthy weight, curb your cravings, and boost your energy levels (learn more here). A good place to start is by incorporating enough fiber, protein, and healthy fats into your diet! Lifestyle ...Read More

What You Need to Know: Glucose & Its Effect on Your Body

Unless you have been instructed by a practitioner to do so, managing blood glucose is not something that many of us think much about. But it just so happens that even if your blood test results come back impeccable, learning the effects that foods have on your body in terms of sugar ...Read More

The All-In-One Beauty Miracle Under $10

I love taking care of my skin. It’s a very important part of my morning routine. In fact, I don’t even feel fully human in the mornings before I give a little love to my skin. My routine usually consists of cleansing, masking (2 times a week), and moisturizing. I love to ...Read More

How Your Gut Microbiome Can Influence Your Stress Levels

Although it was largely unknown and underappreciated for a very long time, the humble gut microbiome has quickly become the hot topic in health and fitness. New research is constantly published to suggest more ways in which the bacteria that inhabit the human digestive tract can influence our overall health and well-being. ...Read More

Why Natural Deodorants Are the New Thing

Natural beauty products have definitely become very popular. One of the reasons may be that we are simply tired of using chemicals that harm our health. If you think about it, our skin absorbs what comes into contact with it, which is why it’s so important to be selective about what is ...Read More

PureFormulas’ 3-Step Glowing Skin Kit

The search for perfect skin is hardly an unfamiliar quest to most women–or even men. After all, what is the perfect skin routine? Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, we can agree that it plays an important role in how refreshed we look. Giving our skin a little extra love ...Read More

How Tea Could Change Your Genes

Epigenetics is sort of the new hottest trend in the world of human biology these days. And for one simple reason: It’s awesome. While we’ve known for a very long time that your genes dictate a huge portion of your life, science had not fully explained how that system worked. Research has ...Read More

How Exercise Could Improve Your Body Image

By far, one of the most common reasons that people exercise is to improve their body image. Whether someone is looking to lose weight, develop muscle or just feel stronger and more capable, exercise and confidence typically coexist. Unfortunately, real, lasting changes in body composition can take weeks or even months to ...Read More

Is Keto Right For You?

It can be quite challenging to ignore all the fad diets out there. If you ask your friends and family, you will find that quite a few them have decided to diet at one point or another. Heck, you might have even tried a few fad diets yourself! And for the most ...Read More