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Valentine’s Day Vegan & Gluten-Free Toast

Years ago, I used to think Valentine’s Day was measured by how many presents I would receive, how exclusive the restaurant we went to was, and how expensive our check turned out to be. Though as I got older, I really began to change the way I view and celebrate this holiday. ...Read More

Gluten-Free & Vegan Pretzels

Pretzels have always been one of my favorite snacks because they really satisfy my “salt tooth.” However, since starting to embrace a healthier lifestyle, I really began to cut back on my processed foods, and my pretzel habit was kicked to the curb. Even when I started to get more adventurous in the kitchen, ...Read More

Weekly Wellness News

1.What a breastfeeding mom eats can have an impact on the baby’s gut microbiome. An expecting mother knows that she has to eat enough nutrients to nourish not only het body but also to help with the baby’s development. But sometimes we forget that even after the baby is born, a mother ...Read More

My Morning Routine for a Fantastic Day

For the most part, I am the kind of person who likes having a morning routine. A routine usually helps me stayed focus and centered for the day ahead. It all started when I was a little girl. Being the youngest of three girls (who are very close in age), my mom had to ...Read More

DIY Turmeric Face Masks

Turmeric is a spice that has grown in popularity, not only because of its delicious taste and health benefits, but also because of the beauty benefits it can deliver. Whether you’re looking to whiten your teeth or give your skin a healthy glow, this golden spice can do it all. Honestly, when ...Read More

Weekly Wellness News

1.Your love for coffee may be a good thing in the long run Whether it’s habit, delicious flavor, or that extra energy kick in the morning, coffee is a go-to for many of us. One thing is for sure, though, coffee does contain great nutrients, and, in fact, coffee drinkers may even ...Read More

Weekly Wellness News

1.Why parents are turning to frozen dinners It’s no surprise that many turn to frozen foods when they are running short on time. Let’s face it: they can be quite convenient, leaving room for you to do the many other tasks that need to be done. But interestingly enough, there’s more to ...Read More

DIY Turmeric Teeth Whitening Recipe

Lately, I have been on a turmeric kick, and whether it is my morning smoothie, salad dressing for lunch, or roasted veggies for dinner, this powerful spice has been finding its way into many of my meals. After looking for recipe inspiration and ways to use my new favorite spice, a few ...Read More

Top 4 Oatmeal Recipes for Healthy Living

I am a creature of habit, and I really love making routines because they truly eliminate the guesswork when it comes to certain things in life, like meal-planning. Having more time in the morning sets me up for a stress-free kind of day, which is so important. To keep things low-key and ...Read More

Creating the Perfect Vision Board

The New Year is an exciting time for new beginnings. It’s time to think about the moments you loved from the year and all the things you’d like to change and improve. We can safely assume that one of the top New Year’s resolutions is shedding those extra pounds that we gained ...Read More