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Supporting Your Fitness Goals with Nutrition

Working out is a great way to strengthen our bodies not only on the exterior but also from within. It provides a boost to the immune system and mood, along with supporting our bodies’ natural detox systems, and helping us have a restful night of sleep. Although most know about these benefits, ...Read More

A Guide to Ayurveda

A little while back, Ayurveda was a huge mystery to me. When I started researching the practice, I became even more overwhelmed because its concepts are just so different than what I am used to. Using nature’s elements to describe how our bodies work just didn’t make a lot of sense to me. But that ...Read More

Superfoods From Around the World

When it comes to everyday foods, I am all for going local to support the community and being a little greener, but there’s something nice about being able to try foods from around the world. And I don’t mean having to leave the country to do so. There are so many different ...Read More

Having a Fun and Healthy Spring Break

Having an April birthday means one thing: I find myself celebrating it smack in the middle of when many people are on Spring Break. This also means that I tend to take time off and enjoy a mini vacation. Everyone should consider taking time off for their birthday (when possible). It’s the perfect time ...Read More

Answer these 6 Questions for a Successful Detox

In the past, we talked about why supporting your system with a detox may be helpful, especially considering the number of toxins that we are exposed to daily. Which is why for this article, I wanted to skip this part and dive straight into what it takes to successfully detox by answering the ...Read More

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Spring is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning. In a way, with every new season comes a great opportunity to start fresh. You know, removing a little clutter and reorganizing your things. And part of decluttering is also doing a little cleaning. What better way ...Read More

Understanding Homeopathy

Homeopathy, like traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, is a type of alternative medicine. As the name suggests, alternative medicine is a different way to look at the healing of the body. It not only works to help with a symptom but also addresses the root cause of the problem. Homeopathy, however, is ...Read More

Vegan Baking Swaps

When I first started baking, I would follow recipes word for word. I was so afraid of making mistakes. That was until I realized that my body reacted poorly to gluten. This was 10 years ago when gluten-free was not yet really a thing. I had to learn this on my own ...Read More

Weekly Wellness News

1. Enjoying prebiotics can mean more than just a healthy gut. It can also improve sleep quality Sleep is a crucial part of overall health. When we sleep, our bodies recover from the stressors of the day. In general, we should aim to sleep about 7-9 hours per night. But it seems ...Read More

Weekly Wellness News

1.Our smartphones are making us more stressed Smartphones undeniably have made our lives easier when it comes to staying connected to people and being on top of our to-dos. But staying connected all the time comes with a heavy price. You guessed it: Stress! Americans in general agree that their smartphones are ...Read More