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Winter Sun Protection: Sunscreen During Winter?

I moved from South Florida to the mid-Atlantic region when I was 18. That’s old enough to find the prospects of “seasons” repulsive, and young enough to get over it quickly. As I embark on my 7th winter, I realize that I’m still learning what it takes to get through the cold ...Read More

Three Surprising Foods That Can Improve Your Workouts

Sometimes, people can be a little timid about taking supplements. Whether it’s because they don’t know exactly how the product works or don’t entirely trust the manufacturer, a fairly large group of people stay away from supplements altogether. The truth is, though, that many common – and effective – supplements are simply ...Read More

Winter Weather vs. Your Fitness Goals: Tips for Coming Out On Top

The weather outside in January can be frightful, and at the very least, lacking in daylight, which doesn’t exactly lend itself to getting outside and achieving your fitness goals. It seems ironic that this time of year, for many, is also characterized by a renewed dedication to healthier living. If you’re looking ...Read More

Staying Motivated through the Holidays

The Holiday Season is here! Okay, no it’s not. More like the Holiday Interim of Angst. Having recently forged through the trenches and traps of discounted Halloween candy, we find ourselves preparing for the six-week onslaught of holiday treats. From Thanksgiving through the New Year, we’re faced with Cocktail Parties, Cookie Decorating ...Read More

Preventing Shin Splints

Now that we’re well into Fall, runners everywhere have started emerging from the air-conditioned treadmill rooms where they’ve been hiding all summer. The cool Fall weather encourages longer runs, spared from the draining effects of summer heat. But with increased distance comes increased risk for repetitive stress injuries, like shin splints. The ...Read More

Don’t Run Before You Run – A Guide For New Runners

Running’s weird. It can be an incredible adrenaline rush. And, according to research over the years, it can help with everything from your skin to your sleep cycle. But, as you may have noticed, running hurts. As a physical task, especially one that a casual runner wants to carry on fairly regularly, ...Read More

A Daily 10 Minute Run, A Lifetime Of Benefits

Numerous studies have been conducted on the potential health benefits of moderate exercise like brisk walking. For optimal benefits, these findings suggest that 30 minutes of moderate exercise is best. However, not much scientific inquiry has been directed towards the benefits of vigorous exercise like running. Well, a team of researchers from universities ...Read More

Could Sitting Too Much Undo Your Workout?

Many of us, myself included, start each morning by working out. Whether we run or do light calisthenics, we all workout to keep our bodies healthy and fit. But after our morning workout, what do most of us do? We go to work and we end up sitting too much. Sometimes we even ...Read More

5 Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Do you know why keeping your New Year’s Resolution can be so hard? More often than not, you are trying to change something fundamental about your personality — you’re trying to restructure yourself. Did you think that would be easy? We’re far enough into the New Year where a lot of resolutions are being ...Read More