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Slow and Steady: How to Be Idle

There’s a lot to be said for expediency and immediacy. After all, we live in a fast-paced world, where everything is viewed and consumed in a flash. And the result is often information overload. The inability to keep up can affect us in ways that are more wide-reaching than simply FOMO when it ...Read More

Book Review: The Power of Habit

When we think about what we want to change about ourselves, we’re often too results-oriented. We visualize being thinner, more patient, kinder, and so on. How wonderful would the world be if we just snapped our fingers and transformed into our desired, more benevolent selves overnight?  Or even when we do devote the ...Read More

On Being Happy and the Antidote

The concept behind Oliver Burkeman’s The Antidote is fairly simple: Stop trying too hard. After all, doing the opposite hasn’t quite worked for us so well thus far. What is he talking about? The never-ending pursuit of happiness.  Burkeman reflects on the fact that we as a society are overly saturated with therapists, ...Read More

The Art of Eating Well for Pleasure

Countless diet books have tried to steer many of us toward a path of healthy eating and being. But with so many recommendations, it’s often hard to maintain a healthy view of what a diet should look like. An American diet, at least. “Eliminate gluten!” “Try cutting out dairy,” or “Get rid ...Read More

That Gut Feeling

How often do you listen to your gut? Do you know what really goes on inside of it? If you ever wanted to listen a bit more closely–and learn–about the inner workings of this organ, then look no further than this wildly entertaining and informative popular science book. Gut, by Guilia Enders, ...Read More

The Quick Stats on Fast Food Nation

In his seminal work critiquing the fast food industry, Eric Schlosser presents an eye-opening account of the effects companies like McDonald’s have had on the American population that extend far beyond its waistline. Not only does he examine the monopolization of the beef and corn industries by corporate giants, but he also ...Read More

Work Smarter, Not Harder

These days, the desire for instant gratification is more rampant than ever. We’re all looking for easy fixes to address the complex problems that we’re faced with day in and out. Consequently, there are countless tips and and “life hacks” to help us work faster and easier while getting the most fulfillment and ...Read More

Crank It Up: Get Inspiralized!

If a pasta-only diet existed that could help me feel great without stacking on the unnecessary pounds, I’d be on it daily. In fact, pasta and other starchy foods have been a weakness of mine for as long as I could remember, and despite making healthier choices like picking gluten-free or whole ...Read More

Big Takeaways from The Little Prince

In my mind, few books encapsulate so effortlessly and almost deceptively simply the anxiety of what it means to be an adult. Whenever Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince comes up in conversation with strangers, the most common response is: “Oh, that’s a children’s book, right?” It is, but it also isn’t. ...Read More

Cooked: The History and Impact of Tradition on Our Lives

It’s no secret that we love Michael Pollan—his call for a more eco-conscious, sustainable, and garden-friendly society is so resonant that it makes him a standout author for us. And his books have been nothing short of revelatory in our circles, pushing us to closely examine our daily eating habits, tics, and preferences. So ...Read More