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Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Healthy this Fall

As the temperatures begin to drop, many of us run for our lip balm, hand creams, and deep-conditioning products to protect our skin and hair from the cold. However, it is not only humans that need some extra protection–our four-legged counterparts need it, too, as they also experience dry, itchy, flaky skin during ...Read More

Pet Calming Techniques

As a pet parent, there are few things sadder than listening to your dog cry as you walk out of the house. I often feel so guilty turning the key, locking the front door, and knowing that Blackberry, my miniature pinscher, is inside wanting nothing more than for me to stay. That’s why ...Read More

Puppy Day: A Few of Bruno’s Favorite Things

Contrary to popular belief, being a working puppy is not always fun and games. Despite my insistence to play and keep my fellow team members entertained, they worry about me being more than just happy. They want me to be healthy, too! And in honor of National Puppy Day, in addition to ...Read More

Thankswagging: A Puppy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a time when families and friends come together to sit at a big table and give me food under it. A time to appreciate the ones we love. And you know PureFormulas loves animals: from vegan-friendly Thanksgiving ideas to showing our pups some love to giving back more than receiving this holiday season. My work family is all ...Read More

Showing Our Pups Some Love

There is nothing I look forward to more than coming home to my dogs running to greet me by the front door. No matter how bad traffic was, what a long day I had, or how grouchy I am feeling, seeing them wagging their tails and bringing me their toys always leads ...Read More

Waving My Paw Hello!

Woof, woof, woof! Wait a second…I forgot, you don’t speak Dog. Let’s try this again: Hi! I’m Bruno the puppy, the newest member of PureFormulas! This is my bldog. What’s a bldog, you ask? Why, a blog for a dog, of course! I can’t wait for you to join me on this ...Read More

DIY Flea Shampoo for your Dog

If you read my post discussing the best shampoo and conditioner options for your dog, there is no doubt I am a huge proponent of using oatmeal based washes for my fur babies. But as we enter the height of flea season here in Florida, when I noticed one of my dogs ...Read More

Keeping Your Pet’s Ears Clean

Some dog breeds are more prone to ear infections than others. That’s why special care should be taken (especially at bath time) to prevent ear infections. The type of ears your dog has can play a huge role in the likelihood of him or her having ear health issues. For example, dogs ...Read More

Sizing Up Your Pet’s Shampoo Options

Picking out a shampoo and conditioner for you dog can be overwhelming. From choosing the two-in-one conditioner to finding the right shampoo scent, the options can be truly endless. However, there are some simple tips you can use when looking for the right products to lather your dog with. Tear-less Shampoo Many ...Read More

Pet Brushes 101

Have you ever just been at a loss for what brush your pet needs? I don’t blame you. Before I started learning about pet health and grooming I had no idea there were different brushes! As it turns out, the different brushes do serve different purposes, and using the wrong brush can ...Read More