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This Thanksgiving: How to Give Thanks and Get It

We know it’s so important to stop and be grateful for everything we have this Thanksgiving, but let’s also get thanks – let’s take some opportunities and explore how we can impact those around us. After all, it’s the mutual understanding, framework of support, and chance to exchange moments of kindness and ...Read More

Bucket List: The Weirdest Foods You’ve Never Tried

The exhibitionist element of a meal today is undeniable. Whether it’s a ramen burger, Raw Vegan Matcha Brownies, or Beet Carpaccio with Avocado & Chia Dressing salad, we desire food we can show off. And while the selfie culture of photograph-ready food is widely criticized, for many of us, documenting our actions, ...Read More

The Holidays Guide to Self-Improvement

Self-mastery. Self-control. Will power. These are the words that often fade into the background as the holiday season approaches. The holidays have become synonymous with a last hurrah before the ascetic New Year’s resolutions set in. What better time to reflect on the things that tempt us than the month of November, ...Read More

What We Love: Essential (Oil) Secrets

You may have heard about FOMO: the fear of missing out. I have the fear of missing out on the things I love. How can I indulge in everything without sensory overload? The answer may just be to enlist a few friendly colleagues to help me find more things to love… This ...Read More

Small Ways to Care for Women’s Big Health Issues

The Pro at Work The last time I went in for my yearly check-up, I asked my OB/GYN if she’d check to make sure, you know, I was alright on top. “Are you concerned about any lumps in particular?” she asked effusively and performed the examination before I could answer. “Well, not ...Read More

In the Loop on Lupus

When it strikes, no one is immune: A-list starlets, classic-era movie heartthrobs, pop royalty, television hosts, famous novelists, and even the former First Dog Millie. Whom lupus affects is as nondiscriminatory as its flare-ups, which can be virtually impossible to predict. Lupus is a conundrum. Not only is it challenging to diagnose ...Read More

Kicking Aspartame: A Study in Bad Habits

When I made the decision to overcome my aspartame habit and blog about it, I thought quitting would be a piece of (artificially sweetened) cake. I already knew it was bad for me. And besides, aspartame is merely a sugar substitute, not a real drug. How hard could it be? If At ...Read More