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All the Soup for You

Despite Andy Warhol, there’s more to soup than condensed tomatoes. In fact, to honor National Soup Month, we’d like to share why we love its heart-warming, savory goodness and discuss healthy options! Soup is a go-to for the season – it’s truly the staple of the cold, blustery winter months. Not only ...Read More

Eating Animals: A Vegetarian Memoir

Ardent vegetarians don’t beware. Despite the title, Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals is about giving up meat. It’s an investigative personal foray into the ethical, moral, and economic implications of meat consumption in our culture and the larger, self-interested forces that shape our eating habits in general. The tracing of our food sources ...Read More

Resolutions: What You’re Doing Wrong and How to Fix It

Every year, it’s the same story. As December winds down, millions of us start drafting our most ambitious project of the season: New Year’s Resolutions. Yet many people regard the new hint of promise for the upcoming year with cynical skepticism, which is usually punctuated by a display of gym-goers for the first ...Read More

Holiday Recipes Around the World

Forget circling the world in 80 days (or 80 plates for that matter). This holiday season, we didn’t have to travel far and wide for a taste of worldly culture! The reason for this may be the fact that we have a myriad of cultures and traditions right here at our PureFormulas ...Read More

Top it, Dip it, Eat it: It’s Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

From chocolate-covered critters to chocolate-topped crepes, there’s no shortage of weird, surprising, or simply tasty chocolate concoctions. Our obsession with chocolate spans centuries, yielding some intriguing insight into how chocolate was once used. Cacao was referred to as a gift from the Gods among the Aztecs and the Maya, and cacao beans ...Read More

DIY Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Yes, the gift-giving season is upon us. And according to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent close to 600 billion dollars on Christmas alone last year. Despite our intended recipients’ insistence that “it’s the thought that counts,” it’s undeniable that many secretly and eagerly anticipate a present that will make their day. ...Read More

Our Dietary Dilemma

Do you know where your dinner comes from? More so than ever, we as a culture have become aware of the fact that our commercial food has a tendency to be sourced under uncomfortable circumstances and questionable conditions. Yet almost none of us would be able to clearly specify where the food ...Read More

Cyber Week: Tips for Saving Money This Thanksgiving

This year, close to 184 million people will do their holiday shopping over the upcoming four-day festive weekend. More and more retailers are now unveiling their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals a week in advance, thereby reducing the need to storm the stores early Friday morning. Research indicates more planning on behalf of the consumer as well. ...Read More

STRANDED! – Hair Help

I have the kind of hair that wilts under pressure. In fact, it frequently appears to be in deep distress as soon as I primp and ready myself for anything presentable. Thirty minutes in and my limp, fine hair turns to a stringy mess and frizzes up all over. But there are ...Read More

Healthier Alternatives to Junk Food

Many of our society’s socializing trends revolve around food: Parties, game day feasts, happy hours, and holidays frequently call on us to suspend our dietary preferences for the sake of connecting with friends and loved ones. While there are those with a reserve of steel, most of us experience salivating temptation upon ...Read More