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Ways to Praise: National Employee Appreciation Day

When we think of appreciation, we’re usually reminded of showing gratitude to people close to us – friends, family, that special someone. It’s rare that the show of thanks extends beyond the realm of intimate social circles to include the often-jarring term, colleague. But, in fact, National Employee Appreciation Day is often ...Read More

Allergeez Louise! Taming Spring Allergies

Among my colleagues and me, our allergies and allergy triggers are so diverse that we have enough symptoms to last us all throughout the year. But there’s no denying that flare-ups become much worse when the weather gets warmer and the familiar pollen swirls around us with flowers in bloom. In our ...Read More

To (Public) Sleep or Not to Sleep

February 28 is National Sleeping Day, and since we can’t sleep in public while we work, we nonetheless wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the importance of napping and the fact that more and more companies are embracing employee nap rooms as part of their wellness initiatives. With a staggering number ...Read More

Did You Know? It’s a Leap Year

It happens once every four years. And no, we’re not talking about the presidential election. It’s the seemingly whimsical addition of one more day in February that puts that extra pep in our step! 2016 is a Leap Year, and if you wore born on February 29th, which is known as Leap Day, ...Read More

Cooked: The History and Impact of Tradition on Our Lives

It’s no secret that we love Michael Pollan—his call for a more eco-conscious, sustainable, and garden-friendly society is so resonant that it makes him a standout author for us. And his books have been nothing short of revelatory in our circles, pushing us to closely examine our daily eating habits, tics, and preferences. So ...Read More

Celebrating Black History Month: Modern Health and Fitness Pioneers

Miami, home to our company’s headquarters, is one of the most culturally rich cities in the country. It possesses a kind of international vibrancy that’s unparalleled, consistently placing the city in the ranks as one of the most diverse, thriving, and exciting places to live. It also has one of the highest numbers ...Read More

DIY Experience: Ancient Aztec Beauty Clay Mask

Quick! Think of a beauty product in recent months that changed your life…or at least transformed your face. In case you’re still struggling, here’s a hint: It’s something so hot that your social feeds are inundated with videos of it. Still struggling to guess? Well, let’s peel off the façade for the ...Read More

Fall in Love With These Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Many view Valentine’s Day as the ultimate commercial holiday manufactured by greeting card companies. And while gifts, cards, and flowers certainly make up the bulk of the celebration, the history of the holiday can be traced back to the ancient Roman festival celebrating fertility. From inexpensive to downright luxurious, there are many ...Read More

What We’re Reading, Consuming, and Seeing

At PureFormulas headquarters, we love to read. So it’s only natural that our excitement for the written word is heightened during National Book Month! Instead of focusing on just one book this month, here’s a sampling of what we’ve read that’s transformed, inspired, or simply made us fall in love with a ...Read More

The Apple of My Eye Health

Eyesight is arguably one of our richest and most complex senses, and yet, we often neglect it despite the fact that there’s a lot that can be done to boost and protect its health long before our vision begins to decline. As someone who’s been relegated to the realm of corrective lenses since ...Read More