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The Pot Question: What’s Your Take?

Over the last few years, legalization of marijuana for recreational use has been steadily on the rise, playing a pivotal role in our country’s political and individual discourses. Currently, the following four states allow full access to and personal possession of pot: Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C (although you can’t ...Read More

Hit the Road, Hit the Beach…But Before You Do…

Over the years, summer has always been a welcome lull in a familiar routine. It signifies a break from school, a promise of a seemingly endless vacation, holidays and birthday celebrations (including my own), and endless hours spent in the languid heat, trying to make my days purposeful. When I was younger, ...Read More

Start Summer Right with These Bites and More

Memorial Day signals the unofficial start of summer: major summer blockbusters hit theaters, families get together for outdoor cookouts, and the long weekend is usually a splish-splash and fun-in-the sun extravaganza. But other than a time of leisure, Memorial Day is also a day of remembrance that came into existence after the ...Read More

Recommitted: Resolutions Revisited

For most of us, successfully sticking to resolutions is like witnessing a unicorn jump over a rainbow – impossible. Despite the fact that almost half the population makes commitments to improve their lives every January, almost 90 percent of these resolutions fail within the first few months. According to experts, we set ...Read More

Embrace Mother Nature for Mother’s Day!

While Mother’s Day flowers or brunch could certainly show your mom how much you love her, you may want to step up your gift game to truly show how much you care. After all, it’s always been your mother who’s gotten you countless gifts for every stage of life and celebrated every milestone. ...Read More

The Best Advice from Teachers on Living Well

Outside of our immediate circle of family and friends, there’s one vital group of people who continually influence, sculpt, and shape our perspective through the years: teachers. I’m sure we’ve all encountered incredible mentors who’ve inspired, motivated, and helped turn us into who we are today. The one great thing about these ...Read More

PureFormulas Recharges Commitment to Purity with New Logo

The season of regrowth and renewal is upon us, and we don’t just mean spring. We at PureFormulas’ HQ are celebrating exciting news! As you’ve noticed, we’ve unveiled our crisp and revamped logo and brand-new site, and we look forward to you loving it as much as our entire PureFormulas family does. ...Read More

Big Takeaways from The Little Prince

In my mind, few books encapsulate so effortlessly and almost deceptively simply the anxiety of what it means to be an adult. Whenever Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince comes up in conversation with strangers, the most common response is: “Oh, that’s a children’s book, right?” It is, but it also isn’t. ...Read More

Meet a Purista: Mildred Munjanganja

Mildred Munjanganja, VP of Business Development Mildred joined PureFormulas in November 2015 to manage our private label and customer service department. As a Black Belt in the Lean Six Sigma business practice, Mildred is also helping improve process efficiency throughout the company. She’s happy to have made an impact in such a short period of time and ...Read More

Registered Dietitian Day: Meet Our Nutrition Expert

Celebrate As society’s focus on nutrition grows and evolves, the role of dietitians is becoming more relevant than ever. Worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980, and more than 650 million adults are obese. Considering that so many of our dietary choices, and the resulting health-related outcomes are preventable, it’s important to take ...Read More