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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, we wanted to take a few moments to reflect on some of our favorite items for the special occasion. A DIY gift or something from the heart can truly brighten the day, so here are some special handpicked ideas that she’ll truly fall in love with. To get started, ...Read More

I Will Walk 500 Miles…Or at Least 10,000 Steps

I’ve always been a walker — and I don’t mean the Walking Dead kind. Yet, after relocating from an incredibly walking-friendly place, New York City, to sunny south Florida, I found myself walking less. After all, instead of walking–or half running–to catch the subway every morning or clocking in miles on foot ...Read More

On Being Happy and the Antidote

The concept behind Oliver Burkeman’s The Antidote is fairly simple: Stop trying too hard. After all, doing the opposite hasn’t quite worked for us so well thus far. What is he talking about? The never-ending pursuit of happiness.  Burkeman reflects on the fact that we as a society are overly saturated with therapists, ...Read More

Something New (to Do) For Spring

Since spring is synonymous with regeneration and renewal, we wanted to turn that association inward, and see how we can apply the concept of fresh beginnings to our lives. We’ve asked our friends and colleagues in the office to share something new and exciting that they have done in the month of March, ...Read More

Breaking Bad…Habits

If you have an office job, then this dilemma is all too familiar to you: You get overwhelmed by the abundance of never-ending stimuli that can hinder productivity. How frequently throughout the day do you find yourself distracted by things that have nothing to do with your actual job? The internal and external interruptions are always there, and many of us ...Read More

All In, All Green!

Sometimes in our PF headquarters, we experience a midday slump that’s not uncommon in offices across the country. To combat this, we’ve tried numerous sluggishness-zapping techniques like midday coffee breaks, healthy protein snacks, and even brisk walks to spring our minds back into wakeful consciousness. But none proved as effective or long-lasting ...Read More

Daylight Savings: An Extra Hour of Sunshine!

Ah, daylight saving time (DST) is a sign of more than just your clocks jumping one hour forward — it also means that spring is on its way, and the cold dreariness of winter is almost behind us. Historically, DST was a good way to curb some energy usage and give people an opportunity ...Read More

Our Essential Oil Kits: Your Senses Will Fall in Love

I’ve always been a skeptic, the kind of person who’s more likely to turn to over-the-counter remedies to help with a particular ailment than try a more natural alternative. So over the years, I have amassed an arsenal of cold symptom-relieving formulas, decongestants, sleep aids, and many more bottles that currently overflow my medicine ...Read More

Care for Your Heart: Interview With Our Nutrition Team

As many of you know, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in our country. And February, the month that emphasizes love, romance, and everything related to matters of the heart, is the perfect time to raise awareness about this concern. We sat down with our ...Read More

Groundhog Day: Time to Break Out of the Loop

Let’s talk about Groundhog Day. No, not that one; the movie version, of course. And of all the days in the year, today is perfect for getting yourself out of the loop your life may have become. Perhaps you’ve fallen off of the New Year’s resolutions wagon, or maybe you didn’t even ...Read More