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SweatCoin: The Latest App That Pays You to Get Fit

As the novelty of New Year’s resolutions winds down and the year stampedes along, many of us find ourselves in the same situation that 80% of Americans struggle with, asking ourselves: “Which resolutions to keep or not to keep?” So how do we make it out of the rut and continue pushing ...Read More

Toast to a Healthy & Tasty 4th of July!

Summer holidays are all about spending time with friends, family, and celebrating our country. They’re also days of outdoor fun and grilling, which can often push our diets aside in lieu of exciting and filling dishes. But fear not! If you’re looking to surprise your guests–and yourself–with mouthwatering recipes in time for ...Read More

We’re Positive: You Are Beautiful

Accepting ourselves as we are is a tall order for many. After all, if we are perfect the way we are, what else do we need to work on? For many of us, self-doubt, insecurities, and uncertainty permeate our days, making us question or wonder how we should act or be. And ...Read More

Slow and Steady: How to Be Idle

There’s a lot to be said for expediency and immediacy. After all, we live in a fast-paced world, where everything is viewed and consumed in a flash. And the result is often information overload. The inability to keep up can affect us in ways that are more wide-reaching than simply FOMO when it ...Read More

Getting in Shape for Summer

In my experience, the most awkward time of the year is the transitional period between winter and summer: spring. During my years living in the Northeast, I always felt like I was emerging from hibernation at the end of every cold season, planning my strategy to get back in better shape in ...Read More

I Did This: The Seven Day Detox Challenge

I love the sound of cracking open a new can of my favorite energy drink every morning. The popping noise creates the same anticipation others feel when the smell of coffee awakens their senses. The problem with my habit, though, is that everyone can hear that as well, which makes the attempt ...Read More

I Did This: Meditation for 7 Days

Don’t get me wrong — I’m  familiar with the concept of meditation. It’s something my colleagues hold in high regard, friends have practiced and taught over the years, and celebrities are frequently outspoken about. Yet, I never had the urge to try it. Years ago, I gave yoga a spin, and the emphasis ...Read More

Book Review: The Power of Habit

When we think about what we want to change about ourselves, we’re often too results-oriented. We visualize being thinner, more patient, kinder, and so on. How wonderful would the world be if we just snapped our fingers and transformed into our desired, more benevolent selves overnight?  Or even when we do devote the ...Read More

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, we wanted to take a few moments to reflect on some of our favorite items for the special occasion. A DIY gift or something from the heart can truly brighten the day, so here are some special handpicked ideas that she’ll truly fall in love with. To get started, ...Read More

I Will Walk 500 Miles…Or at Least 10,000 Steps

I’ve always been a walker — and I don’t mean the Walking Dead kind. Yet, after relocating from an incredibly walking-friendly place, New York City, to sunny south Florida, I found myself walking less. After all, instead of walking–or half running–to catch the subway every morning or clocking in miles on foot ...Read More