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Maple Herb Carrots

At least for me, looking for a healthy and savory side dish can be challenging. I tend to seek out unhealthy, carb-heavy recipes to accompany my meals. Roasting vegetables, though, is the perfect way to get your nutrients in without sacrificing your taste buds. Although carrots are one of my least favorite ...Read More

Deviled Eggs

For the past few weeks, I’ve been religiously eating eggs for breakfast. It’s getting to the point that it has become quite boring for me. While looking for recipes online, a friend suggested making deviled eggs instead a few times a week to break the monotony of my morning meal. I shamelessly ...Read More

Strawberry Green Iced Tea

With the warm weather and extra activities creeping in, I love finding refreshing drinks I can enjoy when I finally get to relax. While I will always like a nice hot cup of tea (no matter the weather), extra hot weather calls for the occasional iced tea. Green tea is definitely one of ...Read More

Berry Matcha Granola

Getting the right snacks for work is important for me. I eat breakfast very early, so before my lunch time comes, I’m hungry and need something to munch on. It’s really easy to get tempted and just grab junk food on my way to the office. I’ve always loved granola and thought ...Read More

Baked Oatmeal Cups

Breakfast options on-the-go are always my favorite. Truth be told, I’m always running late. Not because I wake up late, but my mornings are extremely busy. I get up before sunrise to get a good workout in, then I have to get my daughter ready for school and myself ready for work. ...Read More

Coconut Lime Quinoa

Quinoa is always a great idea. Not just because of all the great nutrients it has, but because you can do so much with it. Whether you want to serve it as a breakfast dish or just a side, it always comes through. Many years ago I tried coconut rice for the ...Read More

Baked Chicken Nuggets

Making dinner interesting–and delicious!–for my family is my top priority. If I make the same dish every night, everyone gets bored and just wants to order in. My daughter, who’s a picky eater, will definitely let me know if she’s eaten something too many times. This was my second time making chicken ...Read More

Avocado Hummus

When you love hummus and guacamole, there’s no other choice but to combine the two. Although this recipe is more of a hummus one, it still has the guac vibe many people enjoy. This is definitely that one party dip you’ll wish you had gotten your hands on sooner. Enjoy this avocado ...Read More

Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice

My philosophy is there’s always a delicious–and perhaps healthier–alternative to your favorite recipe. This rice dish is simply that. Let’s be real: I love rice. I’m not going to lie because it really is one of my favorite things to eat with basically anything. I grew up eating rice daily, sometimes twice ...Read More

Gluten-Free Berry Almond Bars

These perfectly sweet and tart breakfast bars are the best breakfast option for when you’re short on time. Enjoy them any day of the week or for a special occasion. You can bake them in advance and save them for a quick grab-on-the-go option. This year, I plan on surprising my significant ...Read More