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The All-In-One Beauty Miracle Under $10

I love taking care of my skin. It’s a very important part of my morning routine. In fact, I don’t even feel fully human in the mornings before I give a little love to my skin. My routine usually consists of cleansing, masking (2 times a week), and moisturizing. I love to ...Read More

Why Natural Deodorants Are the New Thing

Natural beauty products have definitely become very popular. One of the reasons may be that we are simply tired of using chemicals that harm our health. If you think about it, our skin absorbs what comes into contact with it, which is why it’s so important to be selective about what is ...Read More

PureFormulas’ 3-Step Glowing Skin Kit

The search for perfect skin is hardly an unfamiliar quest to most women–or even men. After all, what is the perfect skin routine? Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, we can agree that it plays an important role in how refreshed we look. Giving our skin a little extra love ...Read More

Is Keto Right For You?

It can be quite challenging to ignore all the fad diets out there. If you ask your friends and family, you will find that quite a few them have decided to diet at one point or another. Heck, you might have even tried a few fad diets yourself! And for the most ...Read More

PureFormulas’ 30-Day Weight Loss Kit

When talking about weight loss, a lifestyle change is an important aspect of finding balance. Being mindful about the foods we eat, exercising, getting enough sleep, and managing stress are all equally important. But sometimes, our bodies need an extra push. PureFormulas’ 30-Day Weight Loss Kit can help give your body the ...Read More

Summer Adventures Like a Nutritionist

There’s nothing more exciting to me than getting ready for a new adventure. I love to travel, see new places, and dive into new cultures. And in order for me to have a blast while vacationing, it’s equally important to be prepared. When I say being prepared, I don’t mean having every ...Read More

Three Ways to Nourish the Mind

What do Lady Gaga and Prince Harry of Wales have in common? You might have thought, “not much,” but the two of them are front and center when it comes to bringing awareness to mental health. We are so used to being on autopilot that many times we are guilty of not ...Read More

Three Self-Care Nutrients for Men

Men and women, at times, appear to be from completely different planets. We differ not only in the way we communicate and how we address issues, but also in our anatomy and nutritional needs. For this article, I want to focus on the gents, and dive into some of the nutrients and ...Read More

Natural Ways to Conquer PMS

PMS — the three letters dreaded by women and feared by men. But it doesn’t have to be so. Instead of having negative feelings towards it and treating it as a taboo topic, you can further understand and even embrace it. And this also goes to the gents out there, because we ...Read More

Supporting Your Fitness Goals with Nutrition

Working out is a great way to strengthen our bodies not only on the exterior but also from within. It provides a boost to the immune system and mood, along with supporting our bodies’ natural detox systems, and helping us have a restful night of sleep. Although most know about these benefits, ...Read More