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The benefits of probiotics beyond gut health

Gut health has become an important point of focus for many researchers and healthcare professionals. And with the summer season gathering steam, it’s something that’s been on our minds as well. It’s only natural that we want to be able to partake in and fully enjoy all the outdoor barbecues, vacation-mode meals, ...Read More

Daily vitamins for men’s health

Father’s Day is a great time to remind us how much we care for those special men and father-figures in our lives. But in addition to the occasion that celebrates men, we’d also like to remind you that June is Men’s Health Month, so what better way to round up the month ...Read More

A Keto Way of Life

With summer rapidly approaching, many of us find ourselves checking out the best healthy foods or meal plans to make us feel stronger, better, and ready to fully take advantage of the new season. It’s also a good time to evaluate our less-than-stellar eating and lifestyle choices–even if we’re not committing to ...Read More

Men’s Guide to Summer Wellness

You do whatever you can to stay healthy: Eat well, work out, and carve out essential self-care time. But there’s even more to it. With age, specific nutritional support may be harder to come across, no matter how hard you try. And it may be even more challenging to know which areas ...Read More

Spring Clean Your Body

Springtime is the season of renewal, regrowth, and rejuvenation. Of course, it’s also the perfect time to clean out everything that might’ve gotten drab and collected dust after a long winter.  While house and closet cleaning is what comes to mind (hello, your inner Marie Kondo goddess), here, we’re talking about your ...Read More

Life in the Fast Lane: Carving out time for self-care & relaxation

Being always on the go is the day-to-day reality for millions of women. The daily stressors of work, family, and personal responsibilities can make even the best multi-tasker neglect her own well-being.    So how do you prioritize health and sanity when being pulled in every direction, every minute of the day? ...Read More

Oh my! Introducing Vegan Omega-3s

Around these parts, we love it when a good essential fatty acid supplement comes along. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are commonly referred to as fish oil, and they are chock-full of healthful benefits crucial for our well-being. Our body can’t make them, so we have to rely on our food sources–or supplementation–to ...Read More

Caring for your health during National Women’s Health Week & beyond

Finding the time to make health a priority is challenging in today’s hectic world. But from May 12 through May 18, women are being asked to slow down and do just that (even if briefly) during National Women’s Health Week.   The journey toward improving one’s overall health is a tough task ...Read More

GlutenAssure: A Daily Multi that Fights Accidental Gluten

These days, more so than ever, we are aware of the impact certain foods have on our bodies. Research on proper health and dietary trends is at its peak, which can make it difficult to ensure we’re following all of these new routines perfectly. Most of us know the food groups that ...Read More