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Lifestyle habits & herbs to maintain intestinal health

This post is in collaboration with Zahler Nutrition.  A Word About Parasites A parasite lives off and gets its nutrition from its host body. There are different types of parasites and some find their host in the human body. Certain parasites can cause significant discomfort and illness. Pinworms, scabies, toxoplasma, and hookworm ...Read More

We’re back with a GIVEAWAY: Immunity bundle!

[GIVEAWAY CLOSED] With the new year underway, we want to take a moment and reflect on everything we’re doing to embrace a healthier way of being and living. Perhaps you’ve even made some resolutions as you welcomed 2021, and maybe some of them have already been broken (or maybe you still have ...Read More

Curcumin-rich bestsellers for joint and muscle health

We tend to think of joint and muscle health as something that preoccupies serious athletes and runners instead of regular folks. After all, many of us don’t even think about the state of our joints or cartilage as we go about our days.  But did you know that even regular wear and ...Read More

Our nutrient picks for nervous system health

Your nervous system is a complex internal network of organs, nerves, and hormones–as well as the intricate signals they send each other to help you thrive, react to, and understand the world around you. Stress, lack of sleep, and even a poor diet can all take a toll on your nervous system ...Read More

Low-carb & keto diet essentials

Whether for health reasons or dietary needs, a more keto-friendly way of living has become a front and center player in the world of health and wellness. A keto diet is high in fats (preferably the healthy kinds) and low in carbs. The idea is that once you drastically reduce–or eliminate–your carbohydrate ...Read More

School season nutrient must-haves

As kids return for yet another school season, you probably find yourself doing a mental run-through of all the supplies you’ve checked off your list. But just as important as the school supplies for the year ahead is making sure you have this year’s must-have nutrients for your children’s health. Here are ...Read More

Don’t miss a beat: Essential nutrients for a healthy heart

It’s never too late (or too early) to start making small health changes to care for your heart. Millions of Americans face heart-related concerns due to their dietary and lifestyle choices, making this an issue that truly hits close to home.    A heart-healthy diet is always a great place to begin making ...Read More

Fresh, glowing skin from within

The fastest way to glowing skin? Makeup, highlighters, contouring techniques, and other beauty essentials can transform and elevate your look within minutes–all while erasing any hint of visible skin imperfections.   But what if you’re looking to embrace your beauty less superficially? Then step into our world. Nutrient-rich supplements and targeted formulas can ...Read More

Fit, lean & strong all summer long

It’s time for our mid-summer wellness check-in: How are your summer body and weight loss goals coming along?  If you’re anything like us, you view the season as the perfect opportunity to shed everything that’s been weighing you down and start fresh. The hot temperatures mean more days at the beach, less ...Read More

Unlock your potential: The benefits of nootropics for brain health

Forget everything you know about supplements promising to boost your memory and promote brain health. There’s a new player in town: nootropics.  Nootropics are natural substances that have the potential to impact your brain, mind, and memory. In otherwise healthy individuals, they can also boost one’s creativity and even motivation. With so ...Read More