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Snacks for Clean Eating

Honestly, eating clean has been a life-changing experience for me. In the past, after lunch, I would be exhausted, dreading how I was going to find the energy to make it through the rest of the day. I was tired when I woke up, and yet, I’d lie in bed at night ...Read More

Racing Toward our Company 5k

There are so many perks to working in the health industry. One of the best, in my opinion, is being surrounded by people who jump on the bandwagon for health-inspired activities and events. This is exactly what happened when we decided we wanted, as a company, to sign up for our first 5k of ...Read More

Valentine’s Day Vegan & Gluten-Free Toast

Years ago, I used to think Valentine’s Day was measured by how many presents I would receive, how exclusive the restaurant we went to was, and how expensive our check turned out to be. Though as I got older, I really began to change the way I view and celebrate this holiday. ...Read More

Gluten-Free & Vegan Pretzels

Pretzels have always been one of my favorite snacks because they really satisfy my “salt tooth.” However, since starting to embrace a healthier lifestyle, I really began to cut back on my processed foods, and my pretzel habit was kicked to the curb. Even when I started to get more adventurous in the kitchen, ...Read More

DIY Turmeric Face Masks

Turmeric is a spice that has grown in popularity, not only because of its delicious taste and health benefits, but also because of the beauty benefits it can deliver. Whether you’re looking to whiten your teeth or give your skin a healthy glow, this golden spice can do it all. Honestly, when ...Read More

DIY Turmeric Teeth Whitening Recipe

Lately, I have been on a turmeric kick, and whether it is my morning smoothie, salad dressing for lunch, or roasted veggies for dinner, this powerful spice has been finding its way into many of my meals. After looking for recipe inspiration and ways to use my new favorite spice, a few ...Read More

Top 4 Oatmeal Recipes for Healthy Living

I am a creature of habit, and I really love making routines because they truly eliminate the guesswork when it comes to certain things in life, like meal-planning. Having more time in the morning sets me up for a stress-free kind of day, which is so important. To keep things low-key and ...Read More

12 Months to a Healthier & Happier You

Looking for a guide to a healthier you in the New Year? Below are some simple tips that you can follow each month that will truly help you shine. Whether your goal is to get a better hold of your budget, be more mindful, limit your technology usage, or be more active, our ...Read More

Your New Year’s Resolution Inspiration

Even though every day is a chance to adopt a healthy habit–or lose a bad one–the new year is a time when many of us decide we want to make a change. Whether your focus this year is to improve your professional life, bring a little more balance to your personal one, ...Read More

Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

For me, it isn’t Christmastime until the first batch of gingerbread cookies has been baked. Although cookies normally get a bad rap, there is nothing you need to worry about in these tasty treats. From the gluten-free flour, the healthy spices like ginger and cinnamon, a protein boost from cashew butter, and fiber from ...Read More