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Passion Blend

This Valentine’s Day, serve up a shot that will go straight to the heart. Start the day off right with this delightfully sweet and spicy tonic to complement your healthy and balanced Valentine’s breakfast; or, energize a romantic afternoon picnic and get the vitality you need to get through the day’s activities. ...Read More

Men’s Skin Care

Hey gents, when it comes to your dermis, most of us are guilty of the same thing – neglect. What’s another wrinkle on the ‘ol mug but evidence of wisdom, right? Wrong! Face it, skin care isn’t just for ladies anymore. Does that mean you need to adopt a full beauty regimen? ...Read More

Italian Wedding Soup (Minestra Maritata)

This Italian-American dish is wonderfully warming and perfect for the cold season, and it’s ideal for those who really happen to love soup! As to its name, Italian Wedding Soup is not named after the festive occasion. In fact, the literal translation of “minestra maritata” is “married soup,” which refers to the rich ...Read More

Organic Christmas Stollen (Christstollen)

Stollen, also called Christstollen, first appeared in 14th century Germany during Christmas as an offering to honor royal families and the church Bishop. Its shape, and method of preparation, is meant to resemble a blanket-wrapped Christ Child, but because it was forbidden to use dairy products during advent, the first incarnation of stollen was ...Read More

Savory Couscous Salad

If you’re wondering how to use couscous in your kitchen, you’re in for a treat with this healthy and refreshing salad. Serve it as a side dish to a heavy meal, or enjoy it as a lunch entree with a fizzy lemonade. Couscous is a staple of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine that’s ...Read More

Nigella Sativa Tea a.k.a. Black Seed Tea

Black seed tea has been appearing more and more on the web and in home brews for good reason! The plethora of health benefits associated with black seed are so abundant, it’s been called “The Blessed Seed” in Middle Eastern cultures. Yet, it only took a mere three millennia for the rest ...Read More