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Does Exercise Improve Your Vision?

Exercise has all sorts of benefits. That’s not really breaking news. Often, though, people are surprised to find out just how far-reaching those perks could be. Specifically, a lot of research over the past several years has been focused on the neurological effects of exercise – what those workouts do to your ...Read More

Is Exercise Really The Best Weight Control Strategy?

Generally, when people set out to lose weight, they all start the same way: massive bouts of cardio. Granted, it’s not always hours upon hours on the treadmill, but – regardless of the exact method – exercise is typically the go-to for weight loss. After all, you’ve got to get rid of ...Read More

Sticking to Your Year-Long Workout Plan

Periodization is sort of a funny part of the fitness world. It’s incredibly useful and effective. But it can also be pretty intimidating at first. And, perhaps for that reason, periodization is seldom used outside of the professional scope of fitness practice. In reality, though, periodization doesn’t have to be that complicated. ...Read More

Should Cardio Come Before Or After Lifting?

Within the health and fitness world, the cardio and lifting camps have long been at odds. Occasionally, you’ll encounter the hardliners who strictly shun one of these methods out of fear that it will impede their progress in the other. Most of the time, though, people are much more moderate, trying their ...Read More

Eat Your Water: Hydrating Foods

You know that water is important. That’s not really any great secret. The truth, though, is that you don’t need to chug tons of the stuff every day to be healthy. In fact, experts aren’t entirely sure how much water the average human actually needs to survive. But, what about the standard ...Read More

The Benefits Of A Post-Meal Walk

Exercise is important. Let’s just make that clear now in case it wasn’t already. But science is forever finding new reasons to repeat this old adage. Not only that: we’re also learning more details about the best way to use this valuable health tool. For example, many people – including diabetics – ...Read More

Meal Timing and Heart Health

Meal timing has been a pretty popular concept – with several applications – for a long time now. Generally, people think about it relative to their workouts, with the goal of making sure that their body is properly fueled both before and after hitting the gym. But, with the rapid spread of ...Read More

Could Depending On Fat For Fuel Cause Diabetes?

With the rapid rise in popularity enjoyed by low-carb diets over the past few decades, there are plenty of people out there who are solely running on fat for fuel. And, while this sounds like a great thing, the actual risks and benefits have been debated for years. Just for context: Your ...Read More

How Your Gut Microbiome Could Be Wrecking Your Weightloss Efforts

Over the past few years, the role of beneficial gut bacteria has become better understood. In fact, these little bugs are so important to the function of the human body that many experts are starting to argue that humans are actually superorganisms – a communal group of organisms all working toward their mutual ...Read More

Does Brain Training Work?

Brain training programs, usually in the form of mobile apps backed by subscription services, are all over the place these days. By challenging you with innocuous games, these programs claim to be able to improve specific cognitive abilities, increase intelligence, and even ward off serious afflictions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Brain training ...Read More