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Why You Should Retire The Snooze Button

Hands up if you’ve ever heard the term “drockling”? Chances are you haven’t, even though you’ve probably drockled a fair amount in the past year. Put simply, drockling is the slipping in and out of consciousness after sleep. If you’ve ever woken up, only to decide to get another five minutes of ...Read More

Oolong: The Pinot Noir of Teas

Like a lot of people, I drink a lot of coffee. I wake up, make a cup, and then I head to work, where I have another cup. Then I take part in my early afternoon ritual of a latte and biscotti, where I insert the latter into the former using a ...Read More

Meditating with Pets

As a pet owner, I know that animals have a habit of needing your attention at the precise moment you can’t give it to them. For me, that usually happens when I’m set to do my ten-minute mindfulness meditation before bed. My cats, who were satisfied lounging around on my desk five ...Read More

Fighting Off Spring Sniffles (and Garlic Soup!)

For years, I used to get sick between the seasons. It wouldn’t matter how appropriately I dressed for the weather, or how much sleep I got. My throat would start feeling scratchy around the end of February, followed by sneezes and congestion in March. The change in temperature appears to come with a ...Read More

Keeping Your Spring Allergies in Check

Allergies are triggered by an immune reaction that is out of proportion to the antigenic stimuli — which is a fancy way of saying that your body goes overboard when it feels threatened by allergens. And no season is as painful, or as mucus-soaked, as the transitional period between winter and spring. Allergy-related medical ...Read More

Stepping Up to the Bar(re): My First Barre Class

My Background I am a man in my early thirties and have been involved in athletics, in one form or another, for most of my life. I wrestled as a teenager, played varsity basketball and volleyball, and swim and lift weights recreationally. Friends have converted me when it comes to a lot ...Read More

Stay Toasty With South Indian Rasam Soup

A dietary staple from south India, rasam is a spicy soup made from tamarind juice, pepper, tomato, and other easily available spices. I was first introduced to rasam by a friend who hails from India’s South. Served in a small bowl, the soup, with a distinct balance between spicy and slightly sour, ...Read More

Sleep and Weight Loss

Back when I was in college, being a morning person was a problem. No matter how late I stayed up, I’d always wake around the same time: 6am. That was fine, as long as I went to bed nice and early. But when socializing went late into the night, waking up that ...Read More

Intermittent Fasting and Focus

Intermittent Fasting: The Briefest of Overviews A friend got me interested in trying out intermittent fasting. She’s one of those ‘immersion journalism’ types who prefers to immerse herself in whatever she’s researching. She wasn’t satisfied just reading about fasting — she wanted to try it herself. And since I’m also an ‘immersion ...Read More

The White Giant: Cooking Low-Carb with Cauliflower

My workout partner and I have been restricting our carbohydrates to as close to zero as possible (minus fiber, of course), with an eye toward losing some excess winter body fat as beach weather approaches. I’m a vegetarian, so unlike my workout partner, I can’t spice up my meals by changing the ...Read More