Lifestyle habits & herbs to maintain intestinal health

This post is in collaboration with Zahler Nutrition. 

A Word About Parasites

A parasite lives off and gets its nutrition from its host body. There are different types of parasites and some find their host in the human body. Certain parasites can cause significant discomfort and illness. Pinworms, scabies, toxoplasma, and hookworm are some of the most common human parasites.

While parasitic infections may not be common, cleansing and detox can be beneficial for many people. Furthermore, individuals may not know they’re hosting parasites until they cleanse for another reason, and they end up shedding parasites while doing so.

This is where Zahler’s ParaGuard™ comes in. ParaGuard™ offers advanced intestinal flora support, and it’s available in both softgels and liquid. Its unique blend of herbs, such as wormwood‚ pumpkin seed‚ and garlic bulb help support digestive health. Oftentimes, ParaGuard™ is also used as a potent cleanser for parasitic infections. 

Diet and Lifestyle

Keep in mind that it’s important to see a healthcare professional if you suspect you were exposed to parasites before starting a detox or cleanse. However, intestinal balance and cleanliness can always be beneficial.

A balanced, high-fiber diet, which limits processed carbs and added sugar (while focusing on high-nutritional content), is a great first step. Regular exercise has also been linked to increased levels of friendly bacteria in the intestines, important when aiming for a proper cleanse and detox.

Clean intestines aren’t just for good digestion. That’s also important for general health. Using a support formula once or twice a year can be helpful, too. Pair that with proper hygiene and a healthy diet for optimal health.

Here’s to friendly flora, ParaGuard™, and good health! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enter our ParaGuard™ giveaway currently going on on Instagram