Curcumin-rich bestsellers for joint and muscle health

We tend to think of joint and muscle health as something that preoccupies serious athletes and runners instead of regular folks. After all, many of us don’t even think about the state of our joints or cartilage as we go about our days. 

But did you know that even regular wear and tear (i.e. doing any physical activity whatsoever) can put a ton of stress on your joints? Plus, the wear and tear we experience with age reduces the beneficial cartilage that serves as a cushioned buffer between our joints. 

So while there isn’t much we can do to reverse the effects of time, we can try to maintain our joint health with a powerhouse nutrient known for a host of beneficial properties: curcumin. 

You may know curcumin as potent extract of turmeric, a spice that’s popular in curry and many Indian dishes. Curcumin is an important nutrient with a host of benefits, one of which includes being a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. 

Because of its soothing, inflammation-reducing properties, curcumin has become popular for helping support muscle and joint health and comfort. The following three curcumin-based formulas from Douglas Laboratories are compelling options for your curcumin supplement needs.   

This Boswellia-Turmeric Complex from Douglas Labs is an herbal blend that helps support normal joint and muscle recovery post-exercise.* The added bonus of boswellia, which is a popular adaptogenic herb, plays a role in inflammation and stiffness reduction.*

Turmeric Max-V, another top seller from Douglas Labs, is a turmeric herbal extract. It offers 100 mg turmeric to provide natural comfort and support to the knee joints.* 

And to round off our trio, Ayur-Curcumin (Turmeric) is a third popular nutrient pick from Douglas Labs. This formula offers 300 mg turmeric blend to help support healthy joint and tissue function.  

Now, as you go about your days, keep in mind the role that curcumin plays in helping support and maintain the health of your joints and muscles (especially as we age). And if you’d like to take a closer at the supplements featured, see them all here.

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