School season nutrient must-haves

As kids return for yet another school season, you probably find yourself doing a mental run-through of all the supplies you’ve checked off your list. But just as important as the school supplies for the year ahead is making sure you have this year’s must-have nutrients for your children’s health. Here are our top two supplement picks from Thorne that you and your child need to stay ahead of the learning curve and feel balanced day in and day out.

Before they get out the door, you may want to include these doctor-trusted finds into your before school morning routine. 

The sunshine vitamin: Vitamin D

This liquid vitamin D from Thorne is a game-changer because of its versatility! Plus, we love that it is soy- and sesame oil-free, and the liquid form makes it easy and convenient to use. Plus, it can help support your child’s immune system health in a school setting that can be rife with germs and more (and consequently your own immune system). And since your children might find themselves spending more time indoors during the week than outdoors, the sunshine benefits of Vitamin D will surely come in handy. This important nutrient also helps support bone, muscle, and even heart health. 

More on omegas

If you’re looking for something extra to add to your dietary supplement regimen, Omega Superb from Thorne is the perfect essential fatty acid. This fish oil liquid supplement is ideal for both adults and kids alike, and it comes in a great-tasting lemon-berry flavor. Omega-3s are essential fatty acids that work to support many areas of your health, which include your brain, eyes, and immune system. Other benefits of EPA and DHA essential fatty acids include supporting your body’s normal inflammatory response and promoting the health of your muscles and joints. The light-sweet flavor of Omega-3 is derived from monk fruit extract, and you’ll be pleased that the consistency of this formula is smooth and non-oily tasting. 

So when you get your children ready to make the most of their school year, make sure you have these trusted daily supplements on-hand to help your family thrive.