Don’t miss a beat: Essential nutrients for a healthy heart

It’s never too late (or too early) to start making small health changes to care for your heart. Millions of Americans face heart-related concerns due to their dietary and lifestyle choices, making this an issue that truly hits close to home.   

A heart-healthy diet is always a great place to begin making a transition–and supplementing with targeted nutrients can help. 

The “good” fats

As you ditch trans and saturated fats in favor of healthier, polyunsaturated fats, you may be finding yourself incorporating more fish, olive oil, and nuts into your diet. If you’re looking for additional support along the way, QÜELL Fish Oil EPA/DHA Plus D by Douglas Labaroties may be your answer. 

We like everything about it–from the extraction method and purity to the additional inclusion of vitamin D for cardiovascular health.*

Because of the way it’s extracted using CO2 technology, this QÜELL formula retains roughly 75% percent of active ingredients (most fish oils contain fewer than two thirds) and fewer heavy metals and other contaminants compared to standard fish oils. Plus, its EPA and DHA omega-3 essential fatty acids offer an array of benefits for one’s cardiovascular and overall health. These essential fatty acids play a vital role in supporting your overall brain, eye, and even joint health.*

Antioxidant protection 

If you’re looking to give your body an added boost against harmful free radicals and all the other external stressors you experience on a daily basis, Pure Encapsulations’ SR-CoQ10 may be of use. CoQ10 is generally known as an enzyme that plays an important part in cellular health and energy. Additionally, this sustained-release formula also helps promote cardiovascular and cognitive health.*

Plus, the inclusion of BioPQQ® expands this formula’s reach even further. PQQ is naturally found in vegetables, your body, and even breast milk. This ingredient seems to function like a B vitamin, and it offers protective qualities for your heart and brain.* Additional benefits include your body’s ability to better use its cellular oxygen and heart muscle function. 

With these two targeted formulas, finding the right supplements for your needs is a cinch! 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease.