Getting the most from hemp extracts

Hemp-based supplements have been one of the more popular topics of discussion and public interest lately, with new products springing up wherever you look, all designed for a variety of health needs and concerns. But in the sea of hemp products out there, even from some of the most popular brands, how does one decide which offers something truly potent or unique? 

Some of us may know that hemp has a low bioavailability of core nutrients on its own, so usually, a patented delivery method is beneficial for enhancing the most you can get from a supplement. 

Enter the trifecta of enhanced bioavailability supplements all utilizing the same innovative delivery method called VESIsorb®. Here are our picks for the hemp extracts using this unique technology:

Hemp extract VESIsorb® from Pure Encapsulations

Hemp Max with VESIsorb® from Douglas Laboratories

Hemp Extract with VESIsorb® from Genestra 

In addition to the enhanced nutrient availability, these are also broad-spectrum extracts that come in easy-to-swallow softgels. These formulas are extracted using solvent-free, clean CO₂ technology, which helps to preserve hemp’s quality. Plus, we love that these hemp extracts are US-sourced and field grown. 

If you’re making the leap and exploring the best hemp supplements for you, give these options a whirl!

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