Oh my! Introducing Vegan Omega-3s

Around these parts, we love it when a good essential fatty acid supplement comes along. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are commonly referred to as fish oil, and they are chock-full of healthful benefits crucial for our well-being. Our body can’t make them, so we have to rely on our food sources–or supplementation–to get the most from them.

“But wait…did you just say fish?” Yes, but here’s the thing: To get the benefits of these important fatty acids in your diet, you don’t need to be a pescatarian. There are countless vegetarian ways to enjoy the benefits of EPA and DHA fatty acids that are found in omega-3s.

In our everyday diet, plant-based foods like walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, and olive oil (olive oil contains a 1:9 omega-3:omega-6 ratio) contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is a precursor to both EPA and DHA.

But now there’s something new: vegan-friendly omega-3s.   

New and Fish-Free

That’s precisely what we love about the new and absolutely fish-free selections from Nordic Naturals. Many of us at PureFormulas’ HQ follow plant-based diets–while others aren’t fans of fish–so these DHA picks completely hit the spot.

Algae DHA

Derived from natural, sustainably-sourced microalgae, one of our go-to nutritional supplements has become Algae DHA by Nordic Naturals. This plant-based marine source of essential fatty acids delivers 500 mg of omega-3 in every serving. In addition to addressing our broader daily wellness needs, this pick offers targeted support for the following:

– Brain and cognitive health*
– Memory and mood*
– Eye health*
– Nervous system function*

Prenatal DHA

In addition to their regular Algae DHA, Nordic Naturals has also rolled out something for vegan and vegetarians moms-to-be. Their Prenatal DHA is perfect for all those moms (or women planning a family) who want to get the vital nutrients that aren’t from a fish source. As mentioned on the label, Nordic Naturals is also the Official Omega-3 of the American Pregnancy Association.

Here’s what the vegan-friendly prenatal formula supports:

– Fetal development*
– Brain and visual development in babies*
– Healthy immunity*
– Healthy pregnancy for mom and baby*

This formula is also great for lactating mothers!

Nordic Naturals is a premier manufacturer of fish oil supplements, which makes these doctor-trusted, plant-based formulas even more in-demand. Plus, these supplements are non-GMO verified and third-party purity tested, so you can enjoy them knowing that these supplements meet the strictest standards for purity.