The Purista Wellness Challenge

As we embark on our annual, company-wide initiative to bring more wellness into our daily lives, we wanted to share some of our goals–and tips–with you. When we first ran it last year, we created a three-month-long challenge with the mindset of tackling a little bit of everything when it comes to being and living well. We incorporated crucial lifestyle elements and activities into the experience: Cooking, yoga, meditation, acupuncture–you name it!

When it was time to start planning this year, it almost seemed impossible to top last year’s journey. But we found a pretty fun way to switch things up. Our upcoming wellness challenge will last five weeks. Each week will be dedicated to a vital component of overall wellness: Nutrition, moving more, managing stress, self-care, and professional development.

Being healthy is not about counting your calories or going overboard at the gym. It’s about nourishing the body (and mind), finding ways to move that feel right and bring joy, learning different ways to manage stress, and setting some personal goals. That’s right: For us Pursitas, all of these things matter. We want to make sure that we always inspire our team to grow and be the best they can be in their professional and personal lives.

Here’s what our wellness challenge will look like:  

Week 1: Nourishing the Body and Mind

This week, we are going to be working with the team on ways to improve their eating habits. Like I mentioned above, we are not looking for anyone to count calories or restrict themselves. Quite the opposite, actually. We are encouraging everyone to see nutrition as a way of nourishment. Food is fuel! We will include a guide to help all Puristas become a master meal-prepper in an easy, stress-free, and delicious way. During this week we will also offer a menu idea in case someone needs a little extra help and support on figuring out where to start.

Week 2: Find Ways to Move that Bring Joy

There’s nothing more exciting than looking forward to doing something you love. And that’s how working out should be. Why should we be dread movement? Perhaps it’s because many just haven’t found the right way to move that speaks to them. And that’s what week two is all about. Our Puristas will have a chance to plan a week full of fun classes and activities. We are providing them with a variety of videos and different types of fitness classes to bring a little inspiration. The classes range from yoga and Pilates to kickboxing to belly dancing.

Week 3: Bringing Out Our Zen

When we think of stress management, meditation may be the first thing that comes to mind. And although that is a scientifically proven way to manage stress, it is not the only way to go about it. We will be encouraging meditation, but we’re also incorporating other ways of bringing more mindfulness into our lives. Some ways include practicing gratitude using a gratitude journal; incorporating Ayurvedic self-massage technique to relax the muscles; and, last, but not least, implementing a phone detox. We want our Puristas–and you–to remember the good ol’ days sans the phone. TaWhere we are fully present in the moment. Just enjoying our evening and the company of our loved ones.

Week 4: Self-Care

Self-care looks very different from person to person. Which is why we added tons of variety to the mix. We are starting the week with a little motivation with a list of selected TED talks ranging from topics of nutrition and one’s relationship with food, to happiness and even bringing out your creative genius. We want our Puristas to listen to what they need to hear that day. For day 2, our team has to write 20 things they love about themselves. Why 20? Well, anybody can quickly come up with 5 things. But 20 takes some thinking and soul searching. We are so quickly to focus on the things we don’t like about ourselves. So we want to change that! The following days we are encouraging our Puristas to pick a new skill they want to learn, read a little out of their favorite book, and even create a date-night-with-self bucket list.

Week 5: Goal Setting

I read once that the key to happiness is finding one’s purpose in every day. And you know what, they just might be onto something there. Which is why week 5 is about setting some goals. Short-term and long-term. We will also teach our Puristas how to create a vision board. We want to help every single one of them accomplish their dreams! And that’s what this week is about.

I hope you have enjoyed the little sneak peak into our New Year Purista Challenge. And if this made you as excited as we are, we invite you to also join us in making this next year your best year yet. In wellness and love. Love towards your body and self.

Have a wonderful Holiday season from the PureFormulas family!