The PureFormulas Wellness Challenge

I can still remember one of my favorite moments since joining the PureFormulas team–or the Puristas, as we call our community of employees. It was a Saturday biking event that took place just a couple of months after I was hired. We all met outside our regular work hours and biked, as one, along the beautiful Miami Beach coastline. The team bonded, enjoyed a warm day in the sun, and got a nice workout along the way. Now that’s my idea of wellness!

So when we decided to develop a wellness program for the Puristas, we just knew we had to capture the sentiment of that very day. Our goal was to create an experience where all the employees would get to embrace wellness and healthy lifestyle changes while bonding as a team (and of course, playfully competing against each other).

So what is our Purista Resolution for 2018? Here’s what our journey looks like:

In mid-January, we kicked off a three-month long wellness challenge. We focused on including all the good things: developing mindful eating habits, keeping food journals, getting in more workouts, and taking better care of our sleep schedules amidst busy, hectic routines. This was our full mind-body approach to wellness. To help everyone stay motivated and focused on their journey–as well as to feel supported–all Puristas were broken up into eight different groups. With support from our wonderful partners, Garden of Life and Protocol for Life Balance, we received terrific nutrition supplementation to kick-start our wellness goals–and to keep them going.  

Some of the nutritional tools that we are incorporating into our path to wellness include eating more fiber, protein, oats, and filling snacks. All of these are great for helping us reach our target weight goals and help fight midday cravings. As for moving more and developing better stress management techniques, we set up a gym with weights, jump ropes, treadmill, resistance bands, exercise balls, and foam rollers. 

Each week, participants are tasked with completing a mini-challenge that touches upon eating healthfully, being more active, managing stress, or improving sleep. In the beginning of the week, we meet with different teams to track progress and to keep our teammates on track. The goal is to get everyone to try something new and different that can improve our overall lifestyle in the long run. The challenges we’ve covered so far–or that are still upcoming–include post-lunch daily walks, nutritious recipe contests, and our very own Saturday Wellness Festival that comes complete with a cooking lesson, acupuncture, yoga, and tips from a personal trainer.  

We invite you to take a peek at our wellness challenge and to help cheer us on during our Purista Resolution! And if you want to join in on our challenge, you can start by keeping a food journal for five days. You’ll be surprised to see everything that you can discover about your eating patterns. Doing so will help you become more mindful of the foods you consume and when, helping you detect your strengths and weaknesses. Which of course, is the beginning of the road to self-improvement and a wellness journey all of your own.

Keep checking back here for exciting updates on our progress!