We’re Positive: You Are Beautiful

Accepting ourselves as we are is a tall order for many. After all, if we are perfect the way we are, what else do we need to work on? For many of us, self-doubt, insecurities, and uncertainty permeate our days, making us question or wonder how we should act or be. And let’s face it, the world at large sends us conflicting messages daily — external expectations and pressures can make us lose track of who we genuinely are. And here’s a bit of a reminder to you to keep going, no matter the stressors of the outside world, so you can continue to feel confident and grow. 

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself — Is there a diet you’ve abandoned? Do you feel less than ideal on a particular day? Don’t let distractions or setbacks deter you from your goal. If you fall off the wagon, ask yourself what didn’t work about a particular habit or regimen that you tried to incorporate into your life. Perhaps it was unrealistic parameters or omissions that simply made you unhappy. Find a realistic approach that is perhaps not as restrictive as some all-out fad diet, trend, or buzz-worthy lifestyle change. Do what works for you, and you’ll have better luck in the long run. 

Think Positive Until You Feel Positive — It’s easy to get bogged down with negative thoughts and just dwell on your shortcomings. So what’s the best way to snap out of it? It’s a process, definitely, but “fake it ’till you make it” made be a useful mantra to keep in mind. Ask yourself what is going for you and makes you feel good (maybe you’re a great cook or an expert rock climber or you just have a really awesome talent). If you have a hard time looking at your positive traits objectively, ask a friend or loved one for three adjectives that best describe you. Chances are, their description of you will be more enlightening and uplifting than if you had to come up with a list yourself.   

Have a Conversation — It’s okay, talk to yourself: chat, scream, sing, anything. Verbalizing your internal monologue can help you put things into perspective. Also, you can unload what’s on your mind to a close friend. Sharing your feelings, fears, and concerns to a sympathetic ear can make you feel better or help you get that invaluable advice you can actually put to use.

But whatever you do, remember to keep telling yourself what you have to offer to the world around you, and think about the people you make smile on a daily basis. Perhaps seeing someone else smile will make you smile right back.