Have Summer Adventures Like a Nutritionist

There’s nothing more exciting to me than getting ready for a new adventure. I love to travel, see new places, and dive into new cultures. And in order for me to have a blast while vacationing, it’s equally important to be prepared. When I say being prepared, I don’t mean having every single item from home with you in case you need it. I mean making sure that you cover the three main categories: your essentials, comfort, and your health.

The Essentials

Whether you are leaving your city or the country, you want to make sure you have the right documents with you. Your ID (for the local explorers) and passport (for those going international) should be kept with you in a safe place. Wallet/cash and keys may seem like a no-brainer, but can you honestly tell me that you’ve never left your wallet at home? I’ve had to get someone to drive me back to work more than once on a Friday because I forgot my wallet (with my license) at work. Being prepared will help avoid a future headache. This last essential is a tricky one: your phone. This one is completely up to you. Like it or not, our phones can come in handy. You can easily locate a member from your traveling party, use it as a map, find good restaurant options, and even call for help if needed. But if you take your phone with you, make sure to use it only for emergencies! Disconnect and actually enjoy your vacation. Believe me, Instagram, Facebook, and Emails can all wait.


I like to be comfortable, and if something feels off, it can really get in the way of me fully enjoying the day. If you are going out on day adventures, sunglasses are not only for style, they also protect your eyes. Sunscreen, lip balm, and hat are also important to shield your skin from the hot sun. This is key to avoid becoming a little bright-red lobster on your vacation. And last on my list of comfort is a light scarf that I bring with me wherever I go. Here are 3 reasons why I love scarves: they keep me comfortable if it gets chilly at night (or if the A/C is too cold), protect my shoulders if the sun is too hot, and lastly, if I want to sit somewhere and appreciate the view, I use it to sit on top.

Take Care of You

Taking care of my health is very important to me. Even while I’m on vacation, I make sure to have a few things with me. First, I tend to get irritable if I am hungry, thirsty, or tired. My family can attest to this. But I see this as my body telling me that something is off. That’s why I make sure to avoid getting to this point. My reusable water bottle is always with me. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, having water with you serves as a reminder to drink up and stay hydrated. As for my hangry episodes, those are easily avoided with healthy and easy snacks on-the-go. Granola bars, nuts, and seeds are nutritious options that give me energy. I also like to have aloe gel with me if I am going somewhere where I’ll be out in the sun all day. Aloe is not only great for sunburn, but it can help with the overall healing of the skin. A really great tool to have with you as a little first aid.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you this neat checklist. Before you go out on your daily adventures, quickly go through it to make sure you have everything you need for an awesome day!