Workouts To Keep You Active Through April Showers

As exciting as it is to see the days get longer and warmer, early spring can be a frustrating time of year. After the cold, short, dark days of winter, people are usually craving some time outdoors. And spring can offer that. As long as it doesn’t rain — a feature for which April has a long-standing and well-deserved reputation.

So how can you stay active anyway?

Be Ready To Go

Frankly, rain is rarely a viable excuse to skip a workout altogether. Why?

Because that weather rarely lasts all day, especially if it’s just a little spring shower. Granted, these bursts of precipitation might come and go throughout the day, but you can simply work around them. Plenty of studies have found that three 10-minute long workouts offer the same benefits as one 30-minute bout. In fact, some research even suggests that these brief spurts of activity might have greater benefits – specifically when it comes to blood pressure control.

If you stay prepared, then, you can dart outside for 10 minutes or so each time the weather clears up.

It’s important to remember, though, that exercising in a wet environment has a few unique challenges. Whether it’s actually raining or not, you’ll want to stick with nylon and other water-resistant materials that won’t soak up excess moisture. Extremely absorbent fabrics, like cotton, will rapidly suck up water, becoming heavy and uncomfortable.

Keep in mind, as well, that the recent and frequent rains can make surfaces slick. If you decide to run in these conditions, slow down and be aware of your footfalls.

Stay Inside

Of course, the obvious workaround for a rainy day is to simply work out indoors. Exactly what that workout entails, though, will depend greatly on you, your goals and what equipment – if any – you have available.

If you’re primary goal is to build endurance and focus on your cardio, a treadmill offers an easy, though costly, option. Baring that, jumping rope is a highly effective cardio workout that requires minimal space and equipment. This particular workout does require quite a bit of skill, though, and is fairly high-impact – making it unsuitable for people with joint problems.

With a minor investment, however, you could be prepared for this sort of thing. A small collection of DVDs or online workouts can give you direction and guidance even when the weather turns against you.


Along the same vein, rainy days could be a perfect time to crosstrain. Since rain is most likely to take you away from cardiovascular activities – like running or cycling – you now have a chance to focus on strength or another aspect of your fitness.

As it happens, though, strength workouts are perfectly suited to the indoors. With just a pull-up bar, you can work all of your major muscle groups using only your bodyweight as resistance. Building your strength will help improve your balance, form and power while running. So, instead of holding you back, those wet days could actually help you improve your performance for when the weather finally clears up.