Something New (to Do) For Spring

Since spring is synonymous with regeneration and renewal, we wanted to turn that association inward, and see how we can apply the concept of fresh beginnings to our lives. We’ve asked our friends and colleagues in the office to share something new and exciting that they have done in the month of March, and to reflect on the experience. Here are a few highlights of their observations. 

Mila – Email: 
I’m proud of the fact that I’ve forced myself to care less about certain things and go more with the flow. This past month, I read this book, which put certain things in perspective for me. And it’s so true, in life, you go through a lot of things that demand your attention, and sometimes it becomes very stressful. This month, I finally made the leap to let go of things that dont really matter in the long run, like not stressing out over traffic. It is a little tough at times to keep reminding yourself of all this, but it’s so important for my well-being and happiness. This way you truly give your full attention to the things that truly matter.

Stephanie – Social Media: 
Recently, I’ve been interested in pursuing different personal challenges to keep pushing my body and myself to new levels of fitness, wellness, and mindfulness. So I tried a push-up challenge. I was never the person who had tremendous upper-body strength, yet little by little I keep building up my resistance. It makes me feel stronger–and accomplished–to do something I’ve never been able to do before.

Raisa – Nutrition: 
For the first time this month, I was tabling at FIU’s Farmers Market. Although it was a new experience, it felt a little like being right at home since this is the same place where I received my Master’s degree. When I was a student, I didn’t pay much attention to the market since I was always on a mission to get to classes. But the students we interacted with on this day had a certain lightness to them, and everyone genuinely seemed happy. Their energy rubbed off on me, and I love the thought of helping spread that positivity in the world. And regarding something else that was new about the experience: For once, I had to work standing for hours–instead of sitting at my desk–and let’s just say my muscles felt it the next day. Perhaps I’ll work my way up to standing up more, and there may even be a standing desk in my future!  

Now, for you — share with us if you’re planning to do or experience something new this spring!