Daylight Savings: An Extra Hour of Sunshine!

Ah, daylight saving time (DST) is a sign of more than just your clocks jumping one hour forward — it also means that spring is on its way, and the cold dreariness of winter is almost behind us.

Historically, DST was a good way to curb some energy usage and give people an opportunity to engage in more activities in the later hours of the waning day. And since the emerging spring season is upon us, we’d like to take the opportunity to reflect on our favorite things about an extra hour of sunlight:

-Vitamin D – If you felt holed up in hibernation mode all winter, now is your chance to shake it off. Gone are the days of waking up in semi-darkness only to plunge back into the dark when it’s time to head home after a long day of work. This is the perfect time to get your daily dose of the sunshine vitamin, and change up your routine! So as you head home for the day, take a detour, and enjoy a brisk walk in-between seasons, that temporary lull when temperatures are often quite perfect throughout the day.

-Exercise Outdoors – As somebody who loves the sunlight, I am not a fan of working out late in the evenings or early mornings, or, for that matter, feeling like I’m stuck inside because of external light or weather-related factors. So before the onset of spring showers or the more finicky summer heat, try to do more you love outdoors. You’ll burn more calories simply by engaging in your favorite hobbies or activities. Talk about a perfect natural exercise!  

-Places to Go – If you’ve been itching to throw your windows open since the onset of mild temperatures, plan a couple of adventures outside of the house. Perhaps a healthy picnic in a botanical garden or a park will allow you to embrace the budding beauty of the fresh season, and help you feel more centered, too. The extra hour of sunshine, in addition to boosting our mood and helping many of us best seasonal affective disorder symptoms, also offers a chance to take in some fresh air, truly helping us shed the staleness of winter. Take those deep spring breaths! 

So, this upcoming weekend, when your clocks jump ahead, ask yourself: How will you use the extra hour of daylight to make your days feel longer, happier, and more fulfilling? What difference can this one extra hour make in your life?