Valentine’s Day Vegan & Gluten-Free Toast

Years ago, I used to think Valentine’s Day was measured by how many presents I would receive, how exclusive the restaurant we went to was, and how expensive our check turned out to be. Though as I got older, I really began to change the way I view and celebrate this holiday. In my perspective, Valentine’s Day is no longer measured by tangible possessions; instead, it’s the small things my fiance does to make my day extra special, and, of course, what I can do to make him feel that much more appreciated in return.

If there is one thing my partner knows about me, it is that I absolutely love breakfast in bed. However, he isn’t one to be in the kitchen for more than 10 minutes at a time, so he found this amazing treat that keeps us both happy! Also, for those years that Valentine’s Day falls on a dreaded weekday, this is the perfect quick, healthy, and adorable way to show your loved one they are on your mind.

Want to try out this delicious treat for yourself? Check out the recipe here.