Gluten-Free & Vegan Pretzels

Pretzels have always been one of my favorite snacks because they really satisfy my “salt tooth.” However, since starting to embrace a healthier lifestyle, I really began to cut back on my processed foods, and my pretzel habit was kicked to the curb. Even when I started to get more adventurous in the kitchen, I still shied away from making my own pretzels. For ages, I kept passing on giving these treats a try in my kitchen.

It wasn’t until my fiance’s sister shared a simple gluten-free and plant-based pretzel recipe that she said anyone could make that I finally decided to give this snack a try. Honestly, these little pretzel bites do take a bit of time to make, but they are absolutely delicious and completely worth the wait! Whether you love salty snacks or are looking for a healthy snack for your upcoming “Game Day” party, be sure to give these little bites a try!

Want to try out the recipe for yourself? Click here.