Banana Cinnamon Rolls With a Healthy Twist

I love cinnamon rolls: the delicious combination of warm dough, cinnamon, and icing on top is simply heaven. This love, however, is crushed a bit since this is not something I want to be eating quite often. Why, you may ask? For starters, I am one of those people who’s sensitive to gluten. My skin is the first to show it, and let’s just say it becomes quite obvious whenever I indulge in something with wheat. But for those who don’t have gluten issues, cinnamon rolls are also very high in refined sugar. Other than having the cinnamon that provides the body with some anti-inflammatory benefits, cinnamon rolls don’t actually do much for the body when it comes to nutrients.

This is why I was very excited to find this banana cinnamon roll recipe, a lovely alternative to one of my favorite treats. Other than its delicious flavor, I love that this recipe asks for only 4 simple ingredients and that it’s a great gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, and vegan option. The key to making this recipe a huge success: make sure to use browning bananas! You know, those bananas that you don’t want to eat anymore because they are becoming mushy? 

And when talking about nutrition, use dates to sweeten the rolls instead of refined sugar and bananas to replace the dough. These healthy swaps will also provide your body with wonderful nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals. I hope you enjoy this lovely alternative to a traditional cinnamon bun. Check out recipe here.