Men’s Skin Care

Hey gents, when it comes to your dermis, most of us are guilty of the same thing – neglect. What’s another wrinkle on the ‘ol mug but evidence of wisdom, right? Wrong! Face it, skin care isn’t just for ladies anymore. Does that mean you need to adopt a full beauty regimen? Not at all. But if you’re planning on aging well, you’ll need to up your game!

So what are the top three skin issues most men deal with, and what can I do to make it better, you ask?

Even well into your 40s, acne can still be a problem, which, in some cases, may be accompanied by rosacea. Believe it or not, even the most hygienic hombres can see flare-ups. Common factors, like environmental stress, sweating, and even hormonal imbalances, can all contribute to a less-than-perfect visage. Try using an over-the-counter acne cleanser that contains willow bark extract and an aloe vera lotion with green tea to help minimize swelling and inflammation.

If you’re a guy-on-the-go, you know that speed shaving leaves your face burning for hours on end. Let’s get practical here: the best time to shave is when you’re in the shower! The steam, warm water, and even some of the ingredients in shampoo can prep your skin and bristles before the cutting begins. Use a new or sharp blade whenever possible and, of course, apply some shave butter or shave gel, which only takes a moment. If you still insist on going without the prep, try using a soothing aftershave cream with aloe and cortisone, which can help reduce irritation.

After a day at the office, you head out to the gym or that tennis match in full-on warrior mode. You do battle and come out the victor! Now you’re at home trying to bask in your glory and wind down, but that persistent foot itch won’t let you. Athlete’s foot is a condition that can usually be prevented, but if left untreated, it means paying a visit to the doctor. If you can avoid showering at the gym, you’re already reducing your risk of exposure. But if the itch already grabbed a foothold, treating it with Lamisil or Lotrimin ointments is the best known option. However, if you want to try a natural remedy, soak your feet in an oregano tea leaf foot bath. 

If you’re like most fellas, you don’t invest too much time or effort in your look unless there’s an obvious problem. These simple suggestions can help in a pinch and keep you looking your manly best!