Honey Cinnamon Popcorn

Movie nights just got a lot better at home. My husband and daughter love having popcorn while they watch TV, and if I’m honest, the popcorn we usually make at home is not too healthy. Every time I make it, I cringe because I know deep down that we shouldn’t be having it. Not only is it not organic, but if we add butter, it becomes even worse.

So I decided for the first time to pop my own popcorn. I was scared and skeptical at first. I’m so glad I did it. I used organic, GMO-free corn kernels and decided to make it a sweet, healthy treat. It was such a nice change for everyone. We all enjoyed it, and it made us all instant fans.

This Honey Cinnamon Popcorn is easy to make, and it’s a great treat not just for movie night, but also as a snack or dessert option.

See the full recipe here.