That Gut Feeling

How often do you listen to your gut? Do you know what really goes on inside of it? If you ever wanted to listen a bit more closely–and learn–about the inner workings of this organ, then look no further than this wildly entertaining and informative popular science book. Gut, by Guilia Enders, is an “inside” look that offers engaging explanations and exciting connections our digestive system has with other parts of our body. 

So if you or anyone else you know has ever suffered from an occasional stomachache, persistent acid reflux, or any other digestive disturbance, this is the ideal text that covers everything from the anatomy of the organ to curious facts about certain gut illnesses and afflictions. It’s also accompanied with illustrations to truly represent crucial body parts to their real life counterparts. 

This book is rooted in accessible science, allowing one to learn about gut flora, the mind-gut connection, and other benefits your digestive tract offers to keep your other bodily functions running like clockwork. It also examines our eating habits and the effect they have on our digestion. 

You may be surprised that this hit book truly gives you information spanning not only gastrointestinal concerns but reflects on how your digestion interacts with your whole life. It’s been said that the way to our hearts is through our stomachs; well, if so, then reading Gut is a perfect way to better understand who we are and how we operate. So listen to your gut in the new year as you assemble your list of exciting, inspirational, informative, and simply entertaining books to read–ones that truly give you a better glimpse of yourself.