A Time to Reflect

Overall, 2016 has somehow managed to turn itself into a punchline, with many eagerly looking to bid “good riddance” and welcoming the new year with a clean slate. Amidst the countless memes poking fun at the year rapidly coming to an end, there are a few things that we can take away from it as we look ahead.  

So settle in, and let’s hope that the next year will be less of a wild card. Just take a deep breath and keep in mind the importance of the following:

Resilience – If there’s anything the past year taught us, it’s the fact that we can endure just about anything, and, well, that we still remain standing. So whether dealing with unexpected personal or work challenges, a whirlwind political election, or even those nagging Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, we realized that we’re able to keep adapting and tackling it all. Going into the new year, keep in mind just how resilient and sturdy we truly are as individuals and a society. 

Tolerance – In terms of politics especially, the previous year has proven to be more hostile and polarizing than many other events in recent memory. The conflicts have caused countless arguments, editorials, and other displays of dissatisfaction and frustration with the status quo. As we move into the new year, the mantra of trying to stay more tolerant and accepting of differing viewpoints will be more important and crucial to our sanity than anything else. 

Patience and Hope – Of course, what good is tolerance if it’s just getting us from day to day? That’s why positivity and optimism are so important. When making resolutions for the upcoming year, perhaps add finding things to look forward to to the list. After all, striving to get outside of ourselves and finding something good in a world that’s often harsh and awful is a Herculean feat in itself.