Puppy Day: A Few of Bruno’s Favorite Things


Contrary to popular belief, being a working puppy is not always fun and games. Despite my insistence to play and keep my fellow team members entertained, they worry about me being more than just happy. They want me to be healthy, too! And in honor of National Puppy Day, in addition to getting even more cuddle, play, and selfie time than I normally do from my loved ones, they’ve decided to lavish me with presents that have become my pawsitively favorite things!

Grooming Wipes – I like to get my paws dirty when I truly dive in to do something I’m passionate about. But even beyond that, these gentle grooming wipes for puppies are perfect for removing dirt and odor, while keeping me snuggle-fresh and soft all day long. Everyone always compliments me on how good I look, and it’s no wonder—the Aloe Vera and vitamin E really moisturize and condition my coat.

Happy Heart, Happy Life – I don’t always think about the things that keep me healthy because I’m so focused on their delicious taste! This salmon oil is rich in essential fatty acids that help keep my joints, coat, and heart healthy! The fishy taste is perfect even for me, and I can be quite finicky about my refined French palate!

Cookie Monster – Yes, even puppies have a soft spot for treats. I love these tasty oven-baked biscuits that are miniature and perfectly bite-sized! With natural flavors and the best crunch, I’m almost reluctant to share these natural goodies with other pups. But we’ve discussed sharing in my puppy training classes just recently, so I’m learning!

Fun and Games – I love that there’s a better way to play and nuzzle with this sturdy and chewable toy that can be stuffed with my favorite snacks. It keeps me occupied while massaging my gums and cleaning my teeth. I can play with this all day long!

Nap Time – Even the busiest pups get exhausted from running around – no wonder “working like a dog” is an expression! My favorite way to relax is by lounging on this perfect foam lounge bed that keeps me cozy, warm, and secure. My friends love that this bed is easy to wash and care for, so now they can wash my bed sheets as frequently as their own to keep my beds fresh and clean!

So if you’re looking for a new toy or product for your own furry pet, take a look at PureFormulas’ Furbook, which will be your perfect guide to picking out treats, products, and other essentials for your dog on a special day like today–or any time!