This Thanksgiving: How to Give Thanks and Get It


We know it’s so important to stop and be grateful for everything we have this Thanksgiving, but let’s also get thanks – let’s take some opportunities and explore how we can impact those around us. After all, it’s the mutual understanding, framework of support, and chance to exchange moments of kindness and compassion with others that make giving and receiving so fulfilling. This support will help us remember, re-prioritize, and re-center ourselves during the happy—and sometimes overwhelming—holiday season.

Below are some ways to connect with those around us during and long after Thanksgiving to prep us for a more present and conscientious year ahead.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for spring anymore

  • Clothing – While anticipating family visits over the holidays, take inventory of the items around your house to scope out the perfect seasonal article of clothing for donations. Have an extra winter jacket lying around? Donate it to One Warm Coat.
  • Toys – How about toys your kids no longer use in anticipation of all the new holiday gifts? Gift the gift of giving to less fortunate children through Toys for Tots.
  • Food – If you need to make room in your pantry this holiday season, donate canned goods through your local Food Bank.
  • Clothing and More – Giving has never been more accessible than it is now, and places like Goodwill and Salvation Army will happily accept your generous contributions. Reflect on ways you can enrich someone else’s life by passing on tokens of possession to someone else in need.

Time is Everything

If you’re short on donations, whether monetary or physical, you can always contribute for free.

  • Getting Started HelpFind a place to volunteer this holiday season. But here’s a hint: Don’t just help one day a year – those in need would appreciate your support the other 364 days of the year too. While Thanksgiving itself is a fantastic starting point, don’t forget to continue contributing in small ways to organizations and charities—even if it’s just raising awareness—that matter to you.
  • In Your Backyard – Do you plan to volunteer at the local soup kitchen? How about continuing to help out through Meals on Wheels? The best way is to keep giving back, whether it’s in your immediate community, house of worship, or in a nearby nursing or retirement home. Try to connect with as many people as possible now and throughout the year.
  • Reflection – Keep the momentum going by marking a date on your calendar every month, and when it arrives, use it as a moment to reflect on ways you’ve helped a fellow human being (or a furry friend!) in need. With small steps, we’ll all accomplish something great and experience a sense of deeper and more meaningful community.

Don’t forget your biggest fans

You are who you are because of those closest to you, people who cheered you on through different stages of life.

  • Old-Fashioned Messages – Think about the friends and family you’re seeing this year. A handwritten note or unexpected postcard can go a long way to rekindle a shared memory or connection.
  • Note Apps – Ingenious services like Postcardly let you send snail mail postcards directly from your phone.

Thanksgiving is the ideal time for self-reflection, and in-between family meals and time spent with your loved ones, take a moment and consider the role you can play in helping make the world a slightly happier and more emotionally connected place. We at PureFormulas pledge to do the same now and throughout the year!