Thankswagging: A Puppy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving, a time when families and friends come together to sit at a big table and give me food under it. A time to appreciate the ones we love. And you know PureFormulas loves animals: from vegan-friendly Thanksgiving ideas to showing our pups some love to giving back more than receiving this holiday season. My work family is all about having more humane—and animal-friendly!—options both when it comes to celebrating the special occasions and every day.

Since the holidays are not just for humans, I, too, intend to do more than just lounge under the table waiting for scraps! I’m going to give my thanks. Here are the things I’m thankful for:

  • The Things Money Can’t Buy – All those belly rubs. In my line of work, I get lots of play time and cuddles from all my mommies and daddies at PureFormulas.    
  • Toys – My favorite chew toys like Kong Blue are safe and strong, and my coworkers certainly appreciate me not chewing on their possessions. Oh, and how could I forget some seasonal flavors like Sweet Potato Veggie Rawhide? Give me all the chews!  
  • My family – And I don’t just mean the family that I return home to every night. Everyone at PureFormulas has embraced me with open arms and hearts. I’m the Pooch-rista to the Puristas!
  • My fellow pups – Giving thanks to all the caring humans around me is not enough if we don’t also remember the furry ones in need of a loving home. Visit sites like Pet Finder or overcrowded shelters like your local ASPCA branches and bring a new friend home.
  • You – My writing fans! Paws sure don’t make typing easy, but I do it for you!