DIY Flea Shampoo for your Dog

If you read my post discussing the best shampoo and conditioner options for your dog, there is no doubt I am a huge proponent of using oatmeal based washes for my fur babies. But as we enter the height of flea season here in Florida, when I noticed one of my dogs (Blackberry) scratching, I got worried. Although I did not see any fleas on him at first, I noticed his hair was thinning out, and after a bout with a flea allergy years earlier, I was on high alert. Blackberry is my ten year old miniature pinscher, and is allergic and sensitive to just about everything, but I wanted to give him a flea bath just to be safe. I was on the hunt for a flea shampoo that would kill any fleas, prevent any future ones from hosting on Blackie, and also not be too harsh for his already fragile skin.

After some intense research, I came up with a shampoo I felt sure would alleviate my min pin’s flea discomfort. By combining castile soap (which is gentle enough for babies), rosemary infused water, and of course, a healthy dose of oatmeal to help soothe Blackberry’s skin. I now have a shampoo that I can use every time I bathe him (and my other dogs) that will help to repel fleas and keep my guys happy and healthy!

Be sure that when you are giving your dogs a flea bath, you are also cleaning their bedding. Many times you can give your pet an awesome flea bath, but sadly, since the majority of fleas actually do not live on our pets but on their bed, your hard work will be in vain. Throw your pet’s bed in the washing machine with hot water and a dose of Borax, and you’ll be sure to rid your pet’s bedding of any fleas!

DIY Flea Shampoo
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  1. 2 tsp Castile Soap
  2. 4 cups Water
  3. 1 TBSP Fresh Rosemary
  4. 3/4 cup Oatmeal
  1. Bring the water (4 cups) to a boil
  2. Once water is boiling, add the rosemary
  3. Reduce the heat, and allow to cook for 30 minutes
  4. Remove the rosemary from the water
  5. Add the rosemary infused water, castile soap, and oatmeal to a blender, and blend
  6. Allow to cool
  7. Bath time!
  1. When making the rosemary water, it is best to not cut up the rosemary but instead leave it mostly intact. This will make it easier on you when removing the rosemary from the water.