Coconut Banana Overnight Oats


If you love coconut and banana, then these overnight oats are perfect for you. The mix of tropical flavors is definitely one-of-a-kind. Not only are you getting a tasty breakfast, but a healthy one too.

Bananas make a great addition to any meal. They’re not only packed with potassium, but they could potentially help provide an array of health benefits. It’s believed that bananas could potentially help improve your mood, relieve muscle cramps after workouts, improve digestion, and build strong bones.



• ½ cup of organic rolled oats
• ¾ cup of almond or cashew milk
• 1 handful of organic coconut chewy banana bites
• 1 tbsp. organic unsweetened shredded coconut + 1 tsp. for topping
• 2 tsp. raw organic agave

• In a mason jar or container, pour all ingredients and tbsp. of shredded coconut and mix well.
• Cover container or jar and refrigerate overnight.
• Top with the 1 tsp. of shredded coconut right before eating.
• Enjoy!