Your Guide to Superfoods

Superfood Collage

Blueberries, quinoa, broccoli, ginger, turmeric, goji berries…all of these have something in common. They are all considered superfoods! We have been hearing so many foods being called that lately, and it might make you wonder… if you have these foods will you develop superpowers?

What in fact is a superfood?

Although there is no medical definition, a superfood simply is a food that is packed with nutrients and carries very few calories. The beauty of superfoods is that each one has a unique nutrient combination, so the best way to get as many benefits from superfoods as possible is to vary your diet as much as possible.

Superfoods can range from fruits and veggies like blueberries and broccoli to seeds and grains like chia and quinoa and even spices such as turmeric and ginger can be added to the list.

Here are some of our favorites: