Quick Tips on Getting Started

Day1Welcome to Day #1 PureFormulas’ Sugar Crush Challenge: 30 days of tips, recipes, and tools to help you cut down on sugar and crush those cravings!

With all the buzz around sugar, how much of it is found in our foods, and all of the health consequences that may come from having too much, we created a sugar challenge and invite you to join our Puristas for the next 30 days in cutting down on sugar. Ready?

Here are 5 tips to help you start off on the right foot:



Tip #1: Write Down For 5 Days How Many Grams of Sugar You Have Per Day

If it has a label, write it down. Make sure to look at serving size and include the amount you are actually having. Also, when eating out, some places have nutrition facts available in the restaurant or online. Keep in mind that 1 teaspoon of added sugar = 4 grams.

This is a great strategy to spot the foods you are eating that are high in sugar. Some might be obvious, like candy, but be careful with the sneaky sources!



Tip #2: Make Reading Nutritional Labels Your New Best Friend

Checking the amount of sugar specified on the label along with how many times sugar (or its many names) appear on the list of ingredients will help you make healthier choices.





Tip #3: Do Your Best To Try and Plan Ahead

Always having healthy snacks with you on-the-go will help you avoid eating foods that are high in sugar when you’re hungry.





Tip #4: Cook Your Way Into Sugar Crush

Making your own meals will allow you to have better control of what you eat.





WATERTip #5: Feeling Thirsty? Water Is The Way To Go

Did you know that soda, energy drinks, and sports drinks are one of the highest sources of added sugar in the American diet?




If you are not a huge fan of water, you can always try some of these fruit-infused water combinations:

  • Strawberry+Lemon+Basil
  • Orange+Blueberries
  • Watermelon+Mint Leaves
  • Strawberry+Lime+Cucumber+Mint Leaves

shutterstock_206048980Check back with us tomorrow and see how savvy you are when it comes to sugar in “How much do you know about sugar?”




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