The Next Step To Crushing Sugar


Welcome to Day #7 of PureFormulas’ Sugar Crush Challenge: 30 days of tips, recipes, and tools to help you cut down on sugar and crush those cravings!

We have just completed the awareness stage of the Sugar Crush Challenge. For those of you joining us now, the first days were about getting the info we needed on sugar. We covered:

  • what sugar is
  • the difference between added and natural sugars
  • the recommended amount of sugar by the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • foods that are sneakily sweet
  • the benefits of keeping a 5-day sugar journal

These were really important steps to starting the challenge off on the right foot. It allowed us to see how much added sugar we’re having, along with the foods that are great contributors to those numbers and, most importantly, fully understand why bringing down our number of added sugar is fundamental! But remember, this challenge is not about the “new trending diet” to help you shed off those pesky extra pounds, but instead it’s a guide to a healthier you.

The next step to crushing sugar…

When it comes to the sugar journal, what surprised you most? Were your higher sources coming from what you had during the week or weekend? It’s now time to do some careful analyzing of the foods in your journal and decide where you want to start.  The next phase of the challenge will greatly depend on whether you prefer to remove the band-aid slowly or yank it at once.

If you like testing the waters first, go through your list and choose 2 of the highest sugar sources to replace for a healthier option. After a week, see how you feel and choose 2 more foods to switch. Continue going through the list, making your weekly changes until you have reached your goal. On the other hand, if you are one of those that like diving in at once, look for all the items from the 5 days that you wish to tackle and go for it. Don’t forget to choose a pace that works for YOU depending on what will help guarantee your success.

The next phase of the challenge is when we get to the good stuff! We’ll be providing you with tools to help you get organized, allowing you to go from being just sweet to a naturally sweet and healthier you. Stay tuned for guides, recipes, and strategies to help crush cravings as we continue the Sugar Crush Challenge!


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