Managing Stress, Where to Start?



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We are constantly told that we have to learn to manage stress. Other than being responsible for giving us constant headaches, back pains, and stomach problems, stress also messes up our appetite.

Have you noticed that when you are stressed you either forget to eat or eat more than you wanted to? For the first, when you finally realize you have to eat you’re beyond starving and want to inhale the first thing you see. Chances that you’ll go for the healthy option are slim to none. For the second, you are not listening to the “feeling full” cues and usually the foods that provide you comfort are high in sugar. Isn’t it amazing how a chocolate chip cookie melts in your mouth in a unique and comforting way when you are stressed? It’s like the friend that tells you exactly want you WANT to hear but never what you NEED to hear. I wish that I could tell you in this situation that all you have to do is keep healthy snacks with you at all times, and that is a great tool for emergencies, but we must dig deeper…

Where to start?

If you are anything like me, every time you read an article on easy ways to control stress, it only causes a spike in stress levels, because now there’s yet one more thing to worry about: I’m too stressed! Getting to the bottom of what’s causing you to be stressed is not the easiest task to accomplish at first, but the results will sure be rewarding.

Figuring out where the stress is coming from

The first step is figuring out where your stress is coming from. Is it work related? Is your boss a pain? Maybe it’s a coworker trying to step on your toes. Or is everything at work peachy but you are worried about finances? Maybe you get stressed because you know you should spend more time with your family but the day just doesn’t seem to have enough hours? Finding the source or sources of your stress and anxiety will help you know where to start and allow you to get organized.

Try the Problem Solving Method

After spotting your sources of stress, try the problem solving method:

  1. understand and define the problem
  2. come up with ideas on how to tackle each one
  3. plan the steps needed to take action
  4. go for it!

If what is stressing you out is not finding time to do what needs to get done, start each day with a “To Do” list and prioritize your day. However, always keep in mind that in many situations things are beyond our control, and for these, try your hardest to learn to let go.

And since life can be very unpredictable, for the “stress on the spot” situations it’s always a good idea to have what the American Heart Association calls “Emergency Stress Stoppers.” Here are some of my favorites:Emergency-Stress-Stoppers

You know what works for you; learn to recognize stress triggers and instead of seeking comfort in unhealthy foods, understand the root of the problem and beat it to the finish line…




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