Out With The Sugar

Day10Welcome to Day #10 of PureFormulas’ Sugar Crush Challenge: 30 days of tips, recipes, and tools to help you cut down on sugar and crush those cravings!

You have probably become a pro in spotting your highest sugar sources by now. So naturally, the next step is…Yes, you guessed it! It’s cleaning time.

Getting rid of tempting foods

This is a good idea and is an important part of setting yourself up for success. Why keep temptation at home, right? Think about it, every time you are in a rush, stressed out or upset, if these foods are within reach, it makes it that much easier to turn to your faux friend called sugar.

There are the pretty obvious sources that, as you are reading this, you know must go. But make sure to check the label of all your foods, including the ones that you never expected to have sugar, such as tomato sauce and salad dressings. Make it your rule: if it has a label, it should be checked out. As tedious as this might sound, you can make it fun! Try some of the strategies that we talked about on DAY 8 and get the entire family on board! Make it a grandiose event and call your friends to join in on the fun too!

Deciding what should go…

As a rite of passage, to fully join the Sugar Crush team, the decluttering of sugary foods that might interfere with our goal to be naturally sweet is a must. But what has to go? First, create a “naughty or nice” list for the items in your kitchen that contain sugar. Next, classify the naughty foods into one of the following categories:


This will be a great time to get organized and even discover the space in your cabinets that you never knew you had.

Look through your fridge, freezer, cabinets, and pantry. Whenever you’re having second thoughts about this process and are tempted to keep all your treats at home in a hidden drawer, go beyond “out of sight, out of mind” and why not make it “out of house, out of body” to avoid the temptation? Oh! and remember to check out your desk at work too for any possible naughty foods that happen to be hiding in your drawer.




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